September 27, 2005
The Infernal Realm of Paid Surveys…

But first, a heads up! As mentioned in today’s article, there’s a new product in the Scary-Crayon store! Some of you may recall the Feaster Bunny, that wascally infant-munching wabbit that first appeared in our Easter Hot Flash chowing down on the baby Jesus and was later seen devouring the offspring of pregnant vegetables in ST@N’s guest comic. Now, ladies, you can wear his sacreligious first outing on your crotch with the Feaster thong! HUZZAH!!!

The FEASTER Thong!

As you see above, in addition to tacitly promoting cunnilingus and featuring blasphemous imagery, the Feaster thong also refers to an actual Biblical verse — so if you figure that you’re going to Hell anyway, you might as well go in wacky Scary-Crayon style! Only $10.99, kiddies.

But I digress — the real reason we’re here is for today’s update, in which we plunge into The Infernal Realm of Paid Surveys. Oh, the article starts off normally enough, but then it quickly plunges into an epic quest of soul-searing damnation. All hope is lost for me, dear readers, but perhaps this tale of my adventure in darkness might supply you with the knowledge necessary to approach a light that I will never see. Read on — read on! — and take heed of my song.

And finally, a couple of plugs. Pop Arena has moved and is now settling in at its new domain, so y’all should definitely head over there with house — er — domain-warming presents! Greg’s newest article is an actual interview with one of the Burger King kids of old, so he can actually boast of having true journalistic integrity now. Also, Shin of Twisted Kaiju Theater threw us a bone with a mention last week, so I’d like to return the favor! Apparently Shin’s currently doing a crossover of sorts with the highly popular NYC-based Alien Loves Predator, so go check that out.

And that’s all for now. Ja ne, minna-san!

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  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Internet surveys? Dear Christ, Wes! Do you know what horrible spirits you have unleashed upon your computer? Your hard drive’s probably got more viral entities crawling about within than Courtney Love’s diseased womb! Madness, madness!

    Also, as much as I love Scary-Crayon, and as much as I like Alien loves Predator, nothing, NOTHING will ever make me read that reeking cesspool of filth and furry pedophilia Neo-Monster Island again. Seriously, what the hell is up with all the animal porn on his site anyway? I can understand that he’s a fan, but JESUS CHRIST… HE WANTS TO PUT TITS ON A GIANT NUCLEAR LIZARD AND THEN FUCK IT.

    Also: Feaster Bunny thongs. Awesome.

  • Wes says:

    There’s animal porn?!?! I haven’t seen any animal porn, but I think you mean the Kaiju Girls, yes? I’ve seen the drawings (many of which are quite good), but I haven’t seen them doing anything pornographic and certainly nothing involving pedophilia. But maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough!

    In any case, you’ve gotta admit that giant nuclear lizards with tits are kinda hot. 😉

  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    I… I’m speechless. Seriously, have you checked those Kaiju girl pages, pal? The comic is sort of funny at times, but some of those characters are just fucking offensive.

    See this character? Underage. Definitely so. EXTREMELY so.
    And if you poke around enough, you’ll see some EXTREMELY disturbing pictures of Guy Kim Odo practically ripping the above little girls in half with his ginormous lizardrod. And hell, even the mature-looking characters are usually under eighteen themselves! Why? WHY?!

    So is it any wonder why I dislike TKT now? I mean, Sean may come off as a dick in the comic, but I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy and a good friend… but the fact that he has that kind of sick shit on his site has pretty much ruined any chances of me being a repeat viewer. Believe it or not, this is actually the first time I’ve complained about it online; I don’t want to start any trouble, and I know that McGuiness’ll take any sort of complaint or quarrel and turn it into material for a comic, wherein he portrays himself as the godlike-and-very-cocky protagonist and the other guy as the wussy little bitch getting force-fed steaming lemon sours by Ghidorah.

    Sorry, Wes. I didn’t mean to go on a rant there, it’s just that it’s sad to see a potentially-good comic ruined by furry porn and pedophilia.

  • Wes says:

    Interesting. I’d never gone far enough into the K-Girls pages to see the first two — I mostly just read the comic, though I will say that Shin’s tutorials were pretty helpful even though I don’t use Photoshop and had to devise different methods of achieving similar effects. At any rate, the K-Girls are pretty much separate from the comic, so I don’t see how they ruin it!

    Also, aren’t the original pics the designated “playmate” ones? So it’s not like they’re unlabeled or anything. As far as them being underage, well, maybe — but they’re giant lizards with tits and are inspired by Japanese characters, so that’s not entirely unsurprising! I’m not all that bothered by it — but maybe that’s ’cause I’ve seen much, much worse…

  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Oh, as have I, as have I. However, that doesn’t excuse some of the more blatant examples of pedophilia on the site.

    I know the old standby “if it offends you, don’t look at it,” but how does that change the fact that these people are looking at pictures of underaged girls? I understand that people have their fetishes, but some things are taboo for a reason.

    ‘Course, it’s a moot point anyhow; Sean pays for his site, his artists drew the pictures, and I don’t have a damn bit of say where any of it is concerned. I don’t have to agree with it, though.

  • Wes says:

    Well, they’re drawings — and drawings of lizard girls at that! — so it’s not as if any real girls are being abused, photographed, put on display, etc. That’s what changes the “fact” that these people are looking at underaged girls. If they’re looking at all! I mean, I started visiting TKT well over a year ago — around the time Scary-Crayon opened, actually, and it was among the first sites linked on the sidebar — but I’d never gone far enough into the page to see those pics.

    Of course, Shin put them on the site, so he’s undoubtedly seen them — but it doesn’t mean he’s jacking off to them every day, or at all, for that matter. One of the arguments in favor of “pedophilic” material is that it constitutes legitimate art — and while I’m not saying that the K-Girls pics do, or that that argument excuses all such media, I do think that there are cases in which it’s a valid point to raise.


  • Scorn the Terrible says:

    Real or not, it’s still encouraging the idea that little girls are sexy and that’s exactly the WRONG image we want to place in peoples’ minds. Even if Shin has no interest in the subjects himself, he shouldn’t post them just to appease his artists.

    “Legitimate art” or not, it’s still harmful.

  • Molly says:

    Okay so the other day, I saw one of those blinky survey ads and actually thought about clicking on it… just THOUGHT about it… oh so glad I didn’t, now. Thank you for shedding the light on THAT subject.

  • Molly says:

    I forgot to mention… I think I recognize that fake Mario game… I used to play one on the Commodore 64 because my parents wouldn’t buy us a Nintendo, so we played this pseudo-Mario… and I think it’s the one you describe because it had a TON of levels, and was so wacked but of course we played it anyway… what else could we do, we didn’t have an NES! I had a deprived childhood… 😉

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