October 13, 2007
Count 06: Zip Zit & Socket

Did I mention that you can find Creepy Freaks booster packs at your local Five Below (assuming you have ’em in your area) for $1 a pop? It’s not a very attractive price for folks looking to buy multiple boxes and attain the whole set, but it’d be a neat little way for you to have a SC souvenir (of sorts) and play along at home. 🙂

Zip Zit is GROSS.

Aaand it’s back to the land of disgust with Zip Zit, a bug-eyed, red-haired, yellow-toothed, same-shade-of-yellow-cap-wearing, pasty-as-fuck, stark naked dude covered from head to toe with ripe bulging pustules. It’s even nastier when you read the comic that comes with Zip Zit. ugh. Also, for no apparent reason, he’s driving a purple clown car. A naked guy in a clown car is admittedly pretty creepy and freaky, but I can hardly appreciate it because the excess of zits keeps me on the verge of tossing my cookies.

Socket does NOT shoot his entire head.

The first repaint that we’ve encountered in the countdown (!!!), Socket is essentially Headley with a more fetching color scheme. I’ve got pretty much the same reaction to him that I had to Headley, so I don’t really have a lot to add here, but I’d like to take a moment to point out the laziness of this recolor. While the Creepy Freaks world is fucked up enough that I’ve got no problem accepting the existence of a whole bunch of skeleton dudes in superhero costumes, I do have a problem with Socket preparing to slingshot his entire head when his specified attack supposedly involves him shooting eyeballs — and only eyeballs — at opponents. Hell, the head on this figurine doesn’t even have eyeballs, as Socket only has empty sockets. I do like this mold, and quite frankly if I had a good skull mask and a superhero outfit or two on hand I’d likely dress as some variant of Headley or Socket every year, but I don’t see why the Creepy Freaks team didn’t just call his attack something more appropriate if they didn’t want to alter the sculpt at all.

Consider this instance of a twenty-something-year-old guy sincerely harping on the design and attack name of an obscure skeleton figurine my contribution to help us meet today’s creepiness and freakishness quota.

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  • You MUST read this: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21.....?GT1=10450

    Anyway Back On Topic:

    I agree with you about the laziness of Socket’s design (I think repaints are always lazy). I mean, the least they could have done is added removable eyeballs.

    Zip Zit on the other hand looks tottally Bad-Ass! I would love to see him on the cover to a Hair-Metal album.

  • Wes says:

    You know, I think the most interesting thing in the article isn’t the topic itself, but the fact that that dude actually got a PhD for something that is so obviously ridiculous. There may come a day when people actually marry robots, but by 2050? I’m not even sure that same-sex marriage will be allowed by then in more than a handful of states, so I really have a hard time seeing the courts give the nod to people marrying human-shaped sex toys. Unless marriage is completely removed from the province of the state — in which case it won’t be much of an issue anyway — both parties would have to be treated as autonomous citizens with all of the rights that accompany that distinction. Artificial intelligence and robotics are nowhere near the level necessary to make that sort of thing a reality.

    Glad you like Zip Zit — he’s just too nasty for me. Even if I hadn’t gagged upon removing him from the box, the comic would have clinched it. Ugh.

    I want a PhD in CreepyFreaksology.

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