October 16, 2006
A Hot Flash Double Whammy!

Hey all! Sorry about the lack of content during the past couple of weeks. I’m hoping to have some genuine articles for you within the next couple of days — and maybe even another installment of The Absolute Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told — but in the meantime here are TWO NEW COMICS: Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #88 and Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #89. I obviously came up with the former one after watching The Ring, which I thought was ridiculously stupid. And the latter… well, I’m not entirely sure, but part of it stemmed from me remembering a lecture from one of my anthro classes about how cannibal tribes that hand long since given up cannibalism still retained prejudices and superiority complexes based upon whom their ancestors had eaten. Like, “My ancestor ate your ancestor — that makes me better than you!” And somehow this made me think of dinosaurs, and since I’ve been trying to work Halloweeny stuff into the mix I thought of dinosaur ghosts… and, well, here we are. Is this the first ever dinosaur ghost comic on the web? Somehow I doubt it, but one can only hope. We are, after all, the top Google hit for vampire chun-li. 😀

Oh, and speaking of Google — in case you missed the last blog entry, note that the Google AdSense ads are freaking GONE from the page, making SC once again like independent and stuff. Well, I suppose we were always independent seeing as how the site never saw a dime from Google, but still. It would’ve been nice to have seen some compensation before they went, but ah well… I suppose if you sell your soul to the Devil but the contract is invalidated, you get spared from the flames of Hell on a technicality. No need to worry about melting crayons here. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with us, and stay tuned to the good SC!

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