October 19, 2007
Count 12: The Booger Man & Drippy the Pusman

Doubling up is fun, yessir.

The Booger Man needs a better name.

The Booger Man is flipping gross, but also not very interesting. Really — a snot-nosed cyclops with booger-crusted fingers? It could work if there were some kind of pun with the name to make the character slightly more appropriate — it’s worth noting that the Booger Man is a (ridiculously lazy) repaint of Bo Oger, who appears in the Creepy Freaks cartoon — but without that he just seems uninspired and boring. When you think of the bogeyman, do you think of cyclopes? I don’t.

On the other hand, it’s tough to blame the Creepy Freaks creators for the lame name. Can you think of a snot-related pun on the names Arges, Brontes, Steropes, Polyphemus, or Telemus? Telemucus is pretty bad too, and hardly anyone would get the reference. I really like “The One-Eyed Prospector”, but nobody would get that either. 😛

Drippy the Pusman is a kind-hearted soul.

Drippy the Pusman is yet another Frosty repaint — and easily the grossest of them all. I mean, you can get snot from a fairly routine nose-blowing, but in order to get pus — let alone enough pus to create a six-foot monster out of the stuff — you’d need to be covered from head to toe in icky quivering boils and humongous zits and dripping infected lesions and whatnot. Basically, you’d have to be Job and scrape yourself with a broken piece of pottery to generate that much pus. Yuck.

That said, I do like the colors — the dominant white and the blue top hat not only significantly distinguish Drippy from the snotmen, but also make Drippy fairly reminiscent of both Frosty the Snowman and Bad Mr. Frosty from ClayFighter. As such, it’s quite possible to actually mistake him for one of these less disgusting characters (or simply a generic snowman) at a distance, which could make for a lot of Kodak moments if one ended up showing the figurine to unsuspecting folks with weak stomachs.

I do have a question, though. Considering that Drippy’s comic shows him offering a drip from his nose to a werewolf child hanging from a branch, are we to believe that the pus from which he is composed is solid enough for a line of it to support the weight of an individual? That doesn’t sound very drippy! So perhaps Drippy is covered in dripping pus, but inside has all of the internal organs necessary to produce thick, elastic snot from his nose. He must also have a heart, as we see him literally sticking his nose out in order to save a child in danger! The biology of pusmen must be complex indeed.

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