October 19, 2009
The third Doctor and Dalek review!

Well, this review took me a bit longer than I expected — and was delayed further by an unfortunate occurrence that you can read about therein — but our review of the third Doctor and Dalek 2-pack from Character Options and Underground Toys is finally up! While I can’t entirely recommend the set at this price, I don’t think that matters — if you’re the kind of person this set is for, you’ll buy it (and likely have already bought it) regardless of my recommendation. As Mickey put it, “Dude, it’s Pertwee.” Indeed it is.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll find it to be an entertaining read even if you’re not interested in the figures! But if it starts to get too long for you, feel free to scroll down to the handy-dandy summary at the bottom. I grin every time I look at those Crayon Critter bullets, dontchaknow. 😉

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  • Newt says:

    Great review, I read the whole thing!

    I been meaning to review my Pertwees, but I have so much crap I need to review that I’ve been taking a pass on reviews that are longer in favor of some easy ones. I may do a whole week of Who or something in the weeks ahead and just knock it all out at once.

    I actually haven’t even taken mine out of the box yet. EGADS!

    • Wes says:

      See, that is another reason why collector-friendly packaging would be ideal — you could take the figure out, play around with them (and scrub them if necessary), and then return them to the packaging for a review photo session!

      What you’re going through now is sort of the reverse of what happened with me and the first and second Doctor sets — I totally meant to review them and even took pictures of Doc #2 and the Cyberman, but then Chun-Li came along and lightning kicked them right out of the queue. Granted, the Chun-Li and Guile reviews were probably more difficult than the Who reviews would have been, but yeah. Let’s hear it for easy reviews!

      That said, I feel like I make everything too difficult — watch me find a way to write 6,000 words about the freaking Buzzsaw Samurai. 😛

  • Mickelodeon says:

    Wait. Sonic…what? Pertwee came with a sonic screwdriver? I didn’t get one and thought that was very strange, indeed. Or I just boned really bad and tossed it out without even realizing it. Dammit. =( Well, I’ve got a few modern sonic screwdrivers lying around, so I can probably make do with that. Or a sonic lipstick. =) Great review – and thanks for the mentions of the Sarah! Jane! love affair I’m carrying on, despite my indiscretions with a certain ginger physicist!

    • Wes says:

      No sonic screwdriver? Oh no! I doubt you’d have missed it, so maybe your set didn’t have one. You should contact Impulse! I’m not sure what they can do about it, but at the very least they might give you contact info for someone at Underground Toys/Character Options. And they might mail you a sonic screwdriver! At least that’s what’s happened with other companies — I know NECA was more than willing to mail out replacement throwing knives when their Ninja Gaiden figures shipped without them.

  • Mickelodeon says:

    Also, the maggot version would only find itself in my collection if Jo Grant was included, tiny painted rings and all…though I would buy a Siluirian set without question. With or without Liz Shaw.

    I love mine Pertwee!

    • Wes says:

      Yes, we definitely need Silurians! I might have to watch that terrible 5th Doctor serial in which the Sea Devils and Silurians united shortly.

      And I think I might have to hunt down some of those gross squishy balls to cut the maggots out of them. Why spend $20 on maggots when you can get them for $1?

      • Mickelodeon says:

        I’ve heard about the Silurians and Sea Devils co-starring with the Fifth Doctor, but only until recently. I may have to do the same thing. Say, did you ever see the second part to Prisoner of the Judoon?

        • Wes says:

          I did! There is more sexy tongue action in it. :mrgreen:

          • Mickelodeon says:

            There certainly was more of that sexy? tongue action. Bet Clyde wanted some of that! =) Oh, I also meant to tell you I adore the picture of Jon Pertwee you used to illustrate the blond hue of his hair, and how you expressed your belief he would really get a kick out of his action figure. I agree and I bet he was really nice IRL, too.

  • DrNightmare says:

    Was this guy ever in an episode of Columbo?

    • Wes says:

      IMDb says he was not! Pertwee was, however, in an episode of “The Avengers.” Mmmm, Diana Rigg…

      • Mickelodeon says:

        Ourn Pertwee was in “To Venus with Love,” notable for being the first color episode of the program. Also, Nicholas “I love you, Al’stair G. Stewart” Courtney was in a couple of episodes: “Mission: Highly Improbable,” the second to last Diana Rigg episode and “Propellant 23,” which was a great Honor Blackman episode. She smoked a cigarette in one of those long cigarette holders and sassed Steed at the same time. I do love my women young forty years ago, British, and sassy! =)

  • Sam says:

    As a Doctor Who fan, I feel I should point out something about the Dalek. Although it’s not mentioned on the packaging, the Dalek you got was infact the leader Dalek from the story which, if you rewatch the story, you’ll see has the amber dome lights as opposed to the clear of the drones.

    I myself didn’t get this set, but rather opted for the Sea Devil’s one (Due to the fact the Pertwee that came with it was more like his original costume and the Sea Devils was one of my favourite stories as a kid) and it’s a brilliant little set.

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