October 21, 2007
Count 14: Fish Face & Vampappy

Fish Face is superfluous.

You know, I’m beginning to see why Creepy Freaks failed to succeed. When a line is up against giants Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s got to have more than cool figurines going for it — and if that is going to be its major trump card, it at least needs cool figurines that aren’t all repaints of each other. But here, again, is another repaint, as Fish Face is simply Worm Breath with a different color scheme. What else can I say about a fish monster thing with water wings? I can’t even comment on how Fish Face’s colors are better than Worm Breath’s, ’cause they’re really not — not that it’s an inferior scheme either. I like them both just fine, and they’re both fitting because fish come in all sorts of colors. That just makes Fish Face even more superfluous, though.

Vampappy will suck your blood without even standing up.

Now here’s a new one — Vampappy! Personally I’d have called him Grampire (and luckily they didn’t think of that, otherwise he’d have been the repainted version), but he’s still a welcome addition to the line. I mean, you’ve gotta have a vampire in the mix, but turning this horror classic into an elderly wheelchair-bound vampire who attacks with false fangs is a fun kid-friendly twist that makes Vampappy one of the better Creepy Freaks. I was about to lament that Vampappy isn’t terribly creepy or freaky, but an old dead serial killer who keeps telling the same boring murder stories and soaking his false teeth in the blood of virgins would probably get more than a little unsettling after a while.

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