October 22, 2006
Absolute Holiday Strangeness Fiver

And here it is, just over a month after the last installment. Really, what’s up with that? It’s not like the entire thing hasn’t already been written! Honestly, it completely slipped my mind — make sure to bug me next time so that I post it sooner. Dig the second image on the page! Every site should have Little Dracula somewhere — I really shouldn’t have to scan ebay auctions to find images of him. 🙁

In other news, I’ve made some minor changes to the Links block on the content pages. I’m planning to make more significant ones when I get around to revising the content pages in more detail — there won’t be a ton of changes to these pages, mind you, because I like the general layout, but there will be new sections (games and fiction, so those will no longer be grouped in with the Misc. pieces). Anyway, regarding the links, I’ll probably end up removing a handful, as there are some that are basically dead and others that — as much as I like them — simply don’t need the traffic from Scary-Crayon (not that they get much from me, but still), so I’d rather use the space to plug some lesser-known sites. Frex, with the apparent death of Dyslexic Penguin (when did that happen?!), I’ve added a link to Crown Combo, which I found out about thanks to Spoodles at Robot Hand. Admittedly, I haven’t had the time to browse CC in depth at this point, but it looks like it has a good deal of interesting stuff despite the presence of evil Google ads. If anything, it (and the other links) should keep you entertained in between SC updates.

I’ve also changed the graphic for our link to Snipe Hunt Media, which until now displayed the image for Professor Hazard’s old site, Hazard Labs. Admittedly, I’ve fallen waaaaay out of touch with the HazLabs crew (:(), so I can’t really say too much about what’s going on over there, but feel free to swing by and check it out! Prof and his missus were two of the first people (maybe even the first; my memory is spotty) to donate to SC, so tell them I sent you with fondest wishes if you head over there. Yes.

All for now, then — as always, thanks for reading! Coming soon: culinary insanity, an update to an old piece, and THE RETURN OF KRANG.

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  • Spoodles says:

    I think your novel is my second favorite part of the site (the gross food articles being the first).

    Crown Combo is an awesome site, and I think you’ll find some entertaining stuff there. A lot of it slants towards the girl-ish, but the writing is good and there’s a lot of it to go around. Also, thanks for linking to me.

  • Thanks for my link, Wes.

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