October 26, 2007
Count 19: Potty Mouth & Skelehomie

Sorry about the late post — given the nature of today’s count, I kinda forgot that I hadn’t already posted it. You see…

Potty Mouth & Skelehomie... again?

…I ended up with the exact same figures that I got yesterday. Forget getting identical figurines save the paint job — this is the most amazing probability occurrence that we’re likely to encounter during the remainder of the Creepy Freaks Countdown. And since I just talked about Potty Mouth and Skelehomie yesterday, I really don’t have a whole lot more to say about them.

Still, if one has to end up with, these guys are pretty cool doubles to get. As far as I know, Creepy Freaks never reached the point of popularity where kids would trade the figures on the playground, but if it had I’m sure Skelehomie would have been in relatively high demand. Potty Mouth might’ve been a coveted character too, if only because he’s a living urine-spewing toilet — almost makes me wish I had some miniature Ghostbusters figurines to pose next to him. They didn’t make Ghostbusters Heroclix figures, did they? Someone should make a collectible figurine game with a roster comprised of cartoon characters from the 80s and early 90s. THAT would rock — I’m sure a whole bunch of people would want to get in on that action.

Or maybe it wouldn’t, and all of the booster packs would eventually end up selling for 30 cents a pop in discount stores… which would still rock from my perspective. :mrgreen:

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  • I agree about the 80s toon hero-clix style game!

    I would totally LOVE a set of truly, truly outrageous Jem game-pieces!!!

  • Albert says:

    They already have a Transformers/Star Wars/Marvel type game like that. Coincidentally, the toy rights for these all belong to Hasbro. Hmm…

  • You know, I think Hasbro also handles Jem toys.

    With a little friendly letter-writing campaign, who knows…

    They could use the power of their great music to get the Star-Wars, Transformers, and Marvel guys to stop fighting!

  • Albert says:

    Good news is that Attack-Tix look better than HeroClix, and I don’t see how Jem would make sense when the rest of the characters would be giant robots, ninjas, superheroes and soldiers. Most cartoons for girls wouldn’t really fit in.

    Plus she’d need to shoot plastic darts, which makes sense for NO CHARACTERS AT ALL.

  • Wes says:

    Albert: I’m aware of the Transformers/Star Wars and Marvel games (HeroClix is even done by WizKidz, the same folks responsible for Creepy Freaks), but what I was suggesting is a big 80s crossover battle game of sorts involving a characters from a number of major cartoons — so you might have Starscream vs Strawberry Shortcake vs the Baroness vs Lion-O vs Starlite vs Bebop and Rocksteady. It’d make about as much sense as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Archie, but that is the sense of AWESOMENESS. :mrgreen:

    Yes, it’s not likely to happen given all of the various copyrights and whatnot tied up in those properties, but there was a time when we never thought we’d see Sonic games on a Nintendo system as well!

    And I’ve got no problem with Jem shooting darts — it’d make her even more truly outrageous. 😉

  • I LOVED “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Archie” and I completely agree with Wes’ idea. (Strawberry Shortcake could totally take Starscream! He’d be too overwhelmed by her cuteness to do anything but say “awww”.)

  • Albert says:

    (Strawberry Shortcake could totally take Starscream! He’d be too overwhelmed by her cuteness to do anything but say “awww”.)

    Maybe, but she’d need to bake the world’s biggest pie and drop it on his head to really defeat him.

    Plus, Wes said early 90’s, so maybe we could have a game where I get to be a Ninja Turtle and beat the Power Rangers.

    Even better would be a Marvel Legends styled line like this, with Build-A-Figures like Unicron and whomever from Jem or Rainbow Brite was big enough to be a build-a-figure.

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