October 28, 2007
Count 20: Rabid & Von Klink

Sorry about the miss yesterday — again, we’ll double up at some point in the remaining days to compensate.

Rabid flings poo.

With the excess of repaints and duplicates with only the occasional new figurine that we’ve gotten lately, it’s nice to open a box to find two entirely new Creepy Freaks to add to the collection. The first of these is Rabid, a sort of deformed Easter bunny that throws his own poop as an attack (as demonstrated in his minor role in the Creepy Freaks Cartoon). Even though we’ve seen twisted anthropomorphic rabbits before — including our own Easter Feaster Bunny (available on a thong in the SC store!) — I still like the idea here. Rabid fits in well with the other characters, what with his colorful outfit and outstretched green and yellow rotten egg. He’s not my favorite Creepy Freak by some distance, and he’s less creepy and freaky than gross and kinda sad in a stuttering acne-covered high schooler with braces kinda way, but he still feels like he belongs.

Von Klink will blast you to death with sprinkles.

Von Klink — who also has a quick cameo appearance in the Creepy Freaks cartoon — is (one of, since the Creepy Freaks Checklist references a “Von Klank” as well) your obligatory mad scientist type character(s). He’s not really as interesting as he could be in the absence of some supporting fiction (the comic simply features him making a variant of the “this’ll hurt YOU more than it hurts me” gag of which evil fictional doctors are so fond), but again he’s a decent fit to the line.

That said, it’s hard to say whether Von Klink is properly creepy or freaky without a little more information about his background. I mean, he does have that one metal arm and a weird ray gun that looks kind of like an ice cream cone, but there’s no way to tell whether he’s trying to recreate the experiments of Victor Frankenstein or save the environment by inventing a new car that runs on dandelions (w00t “Pushing Daisies” reference!). However, it’s worth noting that his head shape and facial features look a bit more like a caricature of a psychiatrist than that of a traditional mad scientist… in which case Von Klink here would likely be both creepy and freaky. Psychiatrists are among the creepiest and freakiest people out there, man.

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  • Those definitely look great for this kinda thing.

    I really like Von Klink in particular. He looks awesome! (And, yes Psychiatrists are totally creepy, my brother is one **shudders**)

    Oh yeah, and “Pushing Daisies” is GREAT! So is “Reaper” if you’ve seen that, yet.

    Oh, and because I always go off-topic, here’s a song that SHOULD have been in the new Transformers movie…


  • Wes says:

    I was tempted to watch “Reaper”, but then I saw the network on which network it airs. UPN — which is really what the CW is as far as I’m concerned — has NEVER had a show that I thought was worth watching. Even my beloved “Buffy” turned completely terrible when it got transferred to that network.

    And yeah, “Till All Are One” is pretty good! I’m not sure if it’s still available, but when the new Stan Bush CD was released Hasbro was offering free downloads of that song and an updated version of “The Touch”. Good stuff. 🙂

  • Yeah, I don’t know how it lost the “network lottery” and ended up on UPN either, but I assure you it’s at least NBC level quality.

    It’s basically a cross between “Yu Yu Hakusho” and “Clerks”.

  • Albert says:

    If I were female, I wouldn’t want an image of the Feaster Bunny on my crotch. Actually, in general, I wouldn’t want a Feaster crotch. I’d get a t-shirt of him/her/it, but no underwear.

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