October 28, 2007
Count 21: Serpentina & Sox

Consider us doubled up!

Serpentina's loneliness is killing her.

I like Serpentina. It would’ve been one thing to simply have some kind of Gorgon in the line, but that they made her a schoolgirl is a really cool twist: whereas the monsters of myth were fearsome creatures that turned those who gazed upon them to stone, the schoolgirl getup and pink bows gives Serpentina this early Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” kinda cuteness. The idea is a bit neater than the figurine, however, as whoever sculpted it couldn’t seem to decide whether he/she wanted cute or menacing. The general outfit is very sweet, but the pose, the sneer, and the snake hands sort of mitigates the effect. Whoever drew Serpentina’s comic had the right idea.

That said, a cute serpentine schoolgirl who’s hostile and fucking nuts could definitely qualify as freaky, if not creepy as well. Perhaps she’s lost her mind because you’re not with her?

Sox wants you to think he's pretty.

Aaaand it’s back to the repaints with Sox, a recolor of Spitty Cat. Sure, they made him a black cat, but otherwise this is a fairly uninspired repaint — they didn’t even bother to change the litter box, which probably would’ve gone better with the black if it’d been colored red instead of the original blue. The black also kind of hurts Sox, as the same slimming color that helps overweight women to hide their bulges and rolls of fat masks the impressive amount of detail on this little figurine. That he brings Socks the cat to mind is kind of cool, but otherwise this is an inferior repaint in every way.

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  • I think, Serpentina would have been cooler and cuter in a Japanese J?shik?sei outfit rather than an American private school uniform.

    And, I agree that scary school-girl is a cool idea (Gogo from “Kill Bill” RULES!)

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