October 31, 2005
The Five SCARIEST 39¢ Halloween Cards!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! In case you missed Saturday’s post, Scary- Crayon recently acknowledged All Hallow’s Eve with Dusty Plastic HELL: The Halloween Special!!!, but on the day itself here’s a second festive offering for y’all — The Five SCARIEST 39¢ Halloween Cards! Not only does the piece feature five spooky cards (and an honorable mention) with commentary, but there’s also a special Scary-Crayon card at the end. Sugoi! Oh, have some Halloween-themed fan art while I’m at it.

Mmm, bloody teeth.

Yep. That’s all for now, then — but just because Halloween will have “officially” passed doesn’t mean we won’t keep spooky articles coming! I mean, this is Scary-Crayon. Halloween is every day, hey-ey-ey.

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