October 31, 2007
Count 24: Fluffy & Crawley

Again, happy Halloween! This unofficially marks the end of the countdown — but since we’ve still got six more boxes to go and I may end up buying more boxes from Five Below at some point, there will be at least six more installments. Who knows when they’ll go up, but I plan to leave the link to the countdown on the content pages (and the counts are double-posted in the blog) so you can check back periodically. 🙂

Fluffy wants to piss on you.

Fluffy technically isn’t a repaint, as he was the one who was recolored into Bingo, but we’ve pretty much seen him before — aside from the swapping of the colors of the leash and the frog (which is now more easily identified thanks to the green), these might as well be the same figurine. Yet even though he’s kind of superfluous and the giant dog thing is boring to begin with, Fluffy is saved by his special attack. See, in the Creepy Freaks cartoon, we learned that he can perform the “Tidal Wave” on his enemies… which essentially amounts to drowning them in a tsunami of urine. How’s that for a finishing move? It’s even referenced in his comic. I’m not sure how effective it is in the actual game, but it seems like it’d be like pulling off a fatality within the first three seconds of Round 1. Fluffy may not be especially creepy or freaky, but I sure don’t want to face him.

Crawley kills his own kind.

Like Fluffy, Crawley here is the original version of Creepy. Creepy was probably my least favorite Creepy Freak, but Crawley’s more dynamic green makes him a little better in my book. Only a little, though, as I still really dislike this sculpt — primarily because of the face. A giant insect man could be cool enough, but the bug eyes and overlong nose just ruin the look of this figure for me. A more insect-like face — or even a more human face recessed a bit such that it looked as if Creepy and Crawley were more or less normal guys in costumes — would’ve made me a lot more tolerant of the sculpt.

Oh, and to answer any burning inquiries about those tools, he’s holding a rolled-up newspaper and a flyswatter in addition to the insecticide.

That does it for the countdown to Halloween, then! Take care of yourselves, people, and try not to eat too much candy. We’ll be seeing you… 😈

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