November 5, 2010
An abbreviated toy review! (More to come?)

Today’s entry — a review of Star Wars Transformers Crossovers Ahsoka Tano — is the first toy review in a new, abbreviated format that will ideally take me less time to write and therefore allow me to update more frequently. But I won’t do more of these if you don’t find the format to be appealing or informative or notably flawed in some other way, so do take a moment to let me know what you think of it! And heck, let me know if you’d be comfortable with reviews abbreviated even further — as much as I like the visual style, I could easily see dispensing with the bullet points and just going with the images and a few summative paragraphs. I’ll probably do that anyway for certain kinds of toys, as I don’t think certain figures (like bootlegs) warrant the full descriptive treatment. We’ll see.

Should have another short Dusty Plastic HELLside comic in a few days, so stay tuned for that. Best wishes to everyone out there.

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  • Victor Hernandez says:

    I’m fine with this new style, it was actually very informative since that figure is very hard to find outside the united states.

  • Tresob says:

    The thing that bugs me the most with the TF Crossovers is that the concept is all wrong…at least from a fan standpoint…or this fan’s standpoint. Kids don’t seem to be minding it so much. But it bugs me immensely to think that all of these Star Wars characters are so narcissistic that they would pilot mechs with personalized faces. Talk about vanity! Perhaps the biggest offense was having the Millenium falcon transform into Han and Chewie. Clearly, Han would have preferred the Falcon to be female…she’s a ship. Captain’s always refer to their ships in the feminine. But it seems especially tacky for a Jedi to have his or her likeness mounted on a giant robot.
    I would have preferred Hasbro either to a) make them actual transformers that have teamed up with Star Wars characters a la headmaster or targetmasters (Arcee with an Ahsoka who turns into a lightsaber), or b) have the Bayformers Allspark show up and fuse the pilots with their vehicles…so that it’s actually Ahsoka and not just a mech done up to look like her.
    Just my thinkin’ on the matter…

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