November 7, 2007
Quick Change Dinobots — Part 2!

Okay, it’s been ages, but I’ve finally posted the second part of the Quick Change Dinobots review. As noted previously in the blog (and in the article itself), it’s a bit different from what I’d originally planned to do — whereas before I’d simply planned to review the remaining QC Dinos and end the piece with two parts, my subsequent acquisition of actual Transformers Dinobots moved me to expand the piece to include comparisons. So yeah, now it’ll likely be four parts, which means that it may well continue into 2009. 😉

That was not a typo.

Speaking of other things that will continue into the following years, the Creepy Freaks Halloween Countdown is still going even though Halloween has come and gone. It’ll be a bit more sporadic, of course — I’ve only added one more count in the past week — but eventually there will be over 40 installments. Most of the remaining figurines are doubles, but there will be a few new faces for you to look forward to seeing.

Anyway, all for now! More stuff is, uh, on the way. 🙂

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  • Pretty neat comparison actually!

    I can’t believe how inferior the QC toys look in “Bot-mode”, but it’s interesting that QC’s Bronto-bot actually had a superior “Dino-mode” to it’s Transformers counterpart.

    The toys in that site you linked to all look fantastic! I’d love to get a Deinonychus one! Now THAT would be an “Iron” Deinonychus (Tetsu is Japanese for iron).

    BTW have you seen the commercials for the “Imaginext” dinosaur toys, they look awesome!

  • billie says:

    The creators of these (the link from article)
    have provided me a long 10 years of good quality transformable robots.
    Even though I’ve only got the early series which were vehicles
    like a locomotive, Racecar and Fire Dep. car.

    Their non-robot modes look good and their robotmodes
    are high of playability, but you will always see parts sticking out.
    Like Legs, head and tails from the dinosaur examples.

    They basicly came with 1 Big yellow sword (always the same one) and 1 gun (varies)

    I’ve seen those Dinosaurs before, they came with the 1st generation beastwars figures.
    I bought Wespenator instead of 2 of those =p

  • billie says:

    BTW, those robots mentioned were in a mid but very affordable price.
    Back then it was like ?5,- each

  • Wes says:

    Tetsu: An iron deinonychus would indeed rock! Let me know if you decide to order one — perhaps you could even take photos and do a guest review. 😉

    Billie: Are these (some of) the robots of which you speak?

    These do look pretty good — I particularly like the fire truck for its Prime-like appearance. And I believe I’ve seen the versions with the yellow sword on eBay under the off-brand “Space Warriors” line.

    I don’t know how affordable they will be today, but hopefully I will be able to acquire some someday without going completely broke! 😉

  • billie says:

    these links show you some of them.

    I used to have the classic train, racer and fire engine.
    Some of them look good, while some don’t

    the titanic and cruiser are looking weird..

  • Manna says:

    Wow. I was just thinking to myself, “I think today I’m finally going to pester him about the bootleg toy cliffhanger thing.” You’re psychic.

    Did you ever get a chance to snag any of the KO Machine Robo Mugenbine figures when they were out in force? Those things are kinda fun, like a hybrid of Lego and Go-Bots.

    (On a more legit note, the first three sets of MMPR: Op-Overdrive mini-vehicles are loads of fun to mess with, and I’m not even a fan of the show. [In English, anyway] They’ve got a semi-permanent spot on my desktop where I can pick apart and reassemble the different combined bots. Sadly for the latter sets, the fire engine and battle fleet, they switched to a different jointing system so you can’t combine those up with the original ones.)

  • Wes says:

    Billie: Thanks for the links! I really like the train-bot — I could totally go for a repaint of that thing in Astrotrain’s colors.

    Manna: Sorry to make you wait for so long! And no, I never got a chance to fool with the knockoff Mugenbine sets — I’ve only really gotten into transforming robots in the last year — though I have seen some of the genuine articles during my eBay forays. Too bad I missed out on them, as they do look pretty neat!

    I missed out on those Power Rangers figures too, but one of these days I’ll end up getting some transforming MMPR goodness. At present, the only MMPR figures I have are knockoff versions that are now oddly enough popping up in CVS’s Christmas toy aisles. The ones I picked up came from NYC’s Chinatown and have slightly different colors, but it’s definitely them. Nice articulation for knockoffs, actually. 🙂

    And speaking of knockoffs and transforming robots, you can also find a humongous robot that transforms into a space shuttle at CVS. It’s this guy:

    At $15 he’s a bit pricey compared to the toys I normally buy (or at least compared to the ones I bought before my Transformers kick)… but goodness, the size of him! If I don’t end up ordering one from somewhere else (I think I’ve seen it cheaper online, and with fixed shipping rates I might as well pad my orders as much as possible), I’ll totally go for one.

    That’s seriously the kind of thing that can make a kid’s Christmas. It’s HUGE!

  • the jax says:

    Hurray for the return of dino-bots (of all shapes, sizes and brands)! I remember having lots of dinos as a kid, but none of them transformed into anything. I do remember picking up a T-rex once and going “pow, pow!” My sister was like, wtf? And I was like, “duh, it’s a T-rex gun”. She asked “what does it shoot?” and I soon answered “teeth, of course”. So play went on, with “dino-guns”.

  • Manna says:

    My crown jewels of bootleg figuredom are a damn convincing KO Magiranger Wolkaiser (aka the black wolf knight from Mystic Force) and a set of knockoffs from the GALAXY DEFENDER line based on the truck bros. from GaoGaiGar- four hefty sized figures for a whopping $2.50.

  • billie says:

    I’ve got Sonic Train from the Galaxy Defender,
    which is a knock-off from Brave Express Might Gaine.
    They’re made pretty good, though they lack a lot of detail or look.

  • Manna says:

    Yeah, it’s a shame those Galaxy Defenders seem to be more or less all grey/black jobs.

  • Wes says:

    Jax: Dino-guns would make for cool transforming toys, I dare say!

    Manna: $2.50 sounds like a much better deal than what I’m contemplating! If you’re talking about the figures here —

    — I’m seriously considering paying $7 apiece for them. They look cool in their own right, but I also kinda want to see if one of them could be a potential hand donor for Rescue Ratchet and his horrible movie claw things.

    Billie/Manna: Yes, I’ve heard good things about those Galaxy Defenders. In the case of a train, I wouldn’t even care about a grey paint job — as far as I’m concerned, he’d look more like the animation Astrotrain with that scheme than the white and blue Classics version! 🙂

  • carlos says:

    Hello I want to aks a qestion on the knockoff MUGENBINE FIGURES. where can I get them other than biglots. I have been looking for them for some time. cvan anyone help me?

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