November 9, 2010
Rainbow Brite: see the shining light!

That’s right — Rainbow Brite comes to Scary-Crayon in Dusty Plastic HELLside #21! I’d been planning to do something like this ever since I picked up the black-and-white NECA TMNT figures over the summer, and if nothing else it gave me an excuse to break out the original Mirage TMNT toys (colored masks and initialed belts notwithstanding) and open another of the Rainbow Brite dolls I snagged on clearance years ago (the first, Patty O’Green, was seen waaay back in the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Peanut Butter Pesto Okra & Zucchini Pizza feature of 2005). Did anyone else enjoy Rainbow Brite as a kid? It was pretty darned awesome for a girls’ cartoon — but then, pretty much all of the girls’ cartoons of the 1980s were just as good as if not better than the stuff produced for boys. The stuff they air for girls today is just sad by comparison.

Anyway, all for now! Until next time…

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