November 14, 2005
The 5 Worst Fighting Game Characters!

Yep, Scary-Crayon once again takes part in a multi-site collaboration piece with The 5 Worst Fighting Game Characters! We’ve even got a bonus haiku at the end, so um enjoy and stuff. As noted in the article, we weren’t the only participants, so be sure to check out the four other pieces linked at the end. That’ll do it for this update, then!

By the way, how do y’all feel about Gooooooogle ads? I’m extremely hesitant to put them on the site — that’s how it starts, and you know how I feel about ads… — but I’m thinking they wouldn’t be too bad if I kept them on the sidebar and at the bottom of the articles, next to the donation link. Just wondering. Anyway, ja!

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  • I definately liked you’re version of this article best. But, where’s Johnny Cage?

    Anyway, I’d be willing to visit a Google advertaised site to help you out, I guess.

    One more thing, You should really check out the ‘drome now that it’s back up again.

  • Justin says:

    I think nobody picked Cage because Linden Ashby made him awesome in the movie.

  • Wes says:

    Johnny Cage had the balls to punch a four-armed monster in the nuts and the ability to somehow knock off three heads where he should only have been able to knock off one. Thus he was far too impressive to make my list!

    I’ll probably swing by the new ‘drome one of these days.

  • Well, yeah I guess Cage was pretty cool in the movie. But, I don’t think so in the games.

  • Dillon says:

    Oh, I love Ryuhaku Todoh in Capcom vs. SNK 2…
    And Wang was the only guy I beat Art of Fighting 3 with. Admittedly, the coolest character was probably Kasumi Todoh. It all adds up…

    Also, come on, we all used Shang Tsung (if only so we can play as Smoke, who we never managed to unlock). And Khameleon was really fleshed out (kinda; Given a neato storyline wherein he bided his time until he could strike deadly and rule Outworld) in Annihilation.

  • r3ko says:

    How you have not included Fatman is beyond comprehension!

  • Jason says:

    Why you didn’t include Clayfighter (pretty much every character) is beyond my understanding. What, with it’s cheesy sound effects and weak special moves…It kinda turned me away from the circus scene.

    For starters, thanks for the rewind in my head on the golden days of Sega Genesus and the Arcade gaming empire. I read all your reviews, and I can agree with Shaq being dumb, but I believe that Shaq Fu might have influenced the plot of another Basketball legend and talented actor…Michael Jordan in Space Jam; but instead of fighting animated creatures, he simply gets sucked into a biased Looney Tunes world where he plays a single basketball game. The thing that got on my nerves every time I look back at the game is that it just grabbed Shaq randomly with no background info…Where did he get his Kung Fu skills from? Yet he was supposed to be the CHOSEN ONE. The only thing memorable that I enjoyed from this game was the art work of each board, and when you get the final hit on Shaq while in the air and he does some kind of bicycle kick while falling on his ass and shaking the screen…HILARIOUS!!!

    Shang Tsung was a waste of game code, and should of only stayed as a unlockable character from the original MK…Along with Reptile and Noob Saibot. Although Goro was more intimidating. Here is the logic: Instead of putting in a code to shape-shift into a different character that I like, why not just pick that character from the start? I am simply wasting time buttoning in to change into that character, which I should be buttoning in to throw a freeze, spear, or fan blade. If I am playing against someone who is even somewhat skillful in the game, the only person that will be putting in a code is my opponent after hearing “Finish Him”.

    Thanks for the read my man, keep playing.

    • Wes says:

      Why didn’t I include ClayFighter? Partly because I bloody loved that game! But also because the whole game was kinda goofy, so ridiculous characters was kinda the point. (Granted, the characters were so ridiculous that it wasn’t even humorous in the later games, but I didn’t really play those and so those characters didn’t spring to mind as readily as those on my list.)

      Re: the shapeshifting characters, I totally agree — though I’ve seen some people use those characters in pretty nasty ways. They’re also kinda showoff characters for expert players, since the masters can use them to demonstrate just how much ass they kick with multiple characters in a game… all within a single match. (And I can envision a game in which the switching commands were greatly simplified, such that it’d be possible for a player to morph into different characters during a combo… but that hasn’t really happened yet.)

      Appreciate the comment — good to know these old pieces are still getting views! 🙂

  • Kfcnyancat says:

    Where’s Rainbow Mika?

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