November 18, 2009
The Sixth Doctor Regeneration Figure!

Today we take a look at the sixth Doctor regeneration figure currently appearing at Toys “R” Us stores across the United States. I’ve seen it in abundance at two out of three local TRUs, so I’m admittedly a bit skeptical about reports that it isn’t showing up at all in certain areas and even states — but if you happen to live in one of these dry areas (or in another country), LUCKY YOU. This figure is lazy and hateful, and so much the better if peculiar distribution prevents you from ever owning it.

I’ve said quite a bit about it in the article, but I feel compelled to write even more here. I mean, there have been Doctor Who figures with fairly restricted necks before — for instance, both the second and third Doctors’ necks don’t have great range. However, with them, you simply can’t turn them beyond a certain point, which is not the same as being able to do so easily but damaging the figure when you do. And while that would be bad enough, it’s even more infuriating due to the fact that the damage occurs because Character Options didn’t bother to test fit the parts… which even a novice customizer would do. Ugh.

And seriously, why the hell hasn’t anyone else mentioned this? NEWT?!? (Check out the super-duper Kaiju Week event currently taking place at Infinite Hollywood!) I mean, I can’t be the only person who tried to turn this damned figure’s neck, can I?! I hate it.

Anyway, in keeping with my promise last time, more Power Rangers toy reviews will be coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out this brief piece I wrote on some Power Rangers bootlegs over at Articulated Discussion. Like I say in that article, you should skip these guys and go for the legitimate Bandai wares, but as far as bootlegs go I’ve seen much, much worse. And since I’ll probably be handling Bootleg Tuesdays over at AD on at least a bi-weekly basis, perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to share some of those horrors with you!

All for now, then — seeya next time. 🙂

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  • Mickelodeon says:

    That’s just unfortunate. If it was any other Doctor, I might make a trip down TRU way and pick one up. But it’s C Baker, after all and after your review, it’s just not worth it at all to me. And not even a sonic frackin’ screwdriver (though it was retired by the time he came on board, right?). I think I’ll stop my Doctor collection at Five and have done with it…until CO brings out that line of classic companions. Then it’s all over but the shouting for me. =) Great review, as always!

  • A little late responding to this. I could have told you this figure sucked. I do like the paint job, but I wish there wasn’t all the dirt.

    As for your issues with the head, I didn’t know about that (and technically still haven’t experianced it) because I haven’t opened it yet. I was so busy shipping these guys out to people who couldn’t get them that I didn’t pay him much attention. I quite liked the Real Time 6th Doctor, but a lot of my Who figs are still in their original packages because I’ve become so insistant on reviewing anything I open… Which means this poor figure probably won’t be reviewed for another 5 years, lol.

    I seriously thought about taking him back shortly after I purchased him, but I figured I’d keep him just to help sales.

    For what it’s worth these sold through at my TRU and haven’t been reordered. No clue if that’s a good or bad thing.

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