November 24, 2005

Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t very happy for me, as you’ll read — and hear! — in “A Thanksgiving Poem”, today’s fittingly titled special edition of Crayon Poetry Corner. Though I guess it’s not entirely true, seeing as how if you’re one of the five people who actually reads the blog you probably appreciate whatever “wit” I have to offer at least a little bit. Which doesn’t really help improve my situation, but thanks for reading and stuff. Hope you enjoy Scary-Crayon! Yep.

Also, keeping The Week of Hot Flashes rolling along, we’ve got not one but TWO new comics for you today — Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #62 and a special edition Thanksgiving Hot Flash. Both are based on spam, seeing as how I get like 100+ spam e-mails a day. It’s sick.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this holiday update. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving! Be good to yourselves… and each other. And try some tofurky while you’re at it. Seriously.

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