November 25, 2005
And The Week of Hot Flashes concludes…

…with Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #63. Spam is pretty weird stuff, isn’t it? In one message they’ll be trying to sell you products for the purposes of penis enlargement; in the next they’ll be trying to sell you steaks. Given that all of these messages collect in the spam folder — and that, given the nature of spam, the senders are generally faceless and/or unimportant — it’s pretty easy to think of the e-mails as being related and coming from the same sender, which can make for some pretty horrific and disgusting images. Hence the look on my face in today’s comic.

Anyway, that’s the end of The Week of Hot Flashes — hope you’ve enjoyed it! There will, of course, be more Hot Flashes in the future; they just won’t be part of The Week of Hot Flashes (or at least not the FIRST one, as it’s entirely possible that I’ll decide to have another one at some point). Alrighty then. Hope y’all had a happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading Scary-Crayon! Ja.

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