November 26, 2006
Strange Little Novel…

…where are you going? If you’ve already read the sixth installment of The Absolute Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told, you know that that is a very good question. Bonus points if you get the musical reference, but double them if you can make out the name of the author of the book in the second filler graphic! You can do it. :mrgreen:

I don’t have a whole lot more to say here — I’ve been up all night and I need to get a few hours of sleep, but once I wake up I will get right to work on writing the late Thanksgiving card analysis. I’m shooting to have it up either late tonight or early tomorrow. Don’t drive yourself crazy waiting for it, though! If it’s not up by then, I guarantee that it’ll go up before the end of November. Seriously. I PROMISE. Trust me on this. 😉

P.S. Extra bonus points if you get that last reference!

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