November 26, 2007
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #101!

Once again, I apologize about the lack of updates lately — hopefully I’ll be able to get more up (including at least part three of the QC Dinobots reivew and maybe a holiday-themed piece or two, though I’m not sure what it would involve at this point) in the coming weeks. Today, however, we have the first of at least two (and possibly more; we’ll see) “Heroes” Hot Flashes. I’ve found this season to be pretty bad, but at least making screencap comics helps me to derive some enjoyment from the show. 🙂

Oh, and since the last front-page feature went up, I’ve posted two more entries in the Creepy Freaks Countdown — Count 26 and Count 27. I finally ended up with an unbroken Mad Jack, so I’m glad about that.

All for now, then. As always, feel free to leave any thoughts, observations, and so forth in the comments — and there are bonus points to be had if you get the reference in the title of Hot Flash #101. ‘Till next time! :mrgreen:

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  • I don’t watch “Heroes” so I can’t say I got the joke (Is it any good?). But, somehow I’m guessing that the actor that played the Mohinder character is famous for playing a doctor on some other show.

    The only live-action fiction shows I watch regularly are “My Name Is Earl”, “Reaper”, “Pushing Daisies”, and (BECAUSE I like watching it suck) “Cavemen”.

    I know “Cavemen” is horrible but that’s kinda why I watch it. The show’s own badness is funnier than any of the jokes on it.

    Sorry, if I’m a downer, but I had a fucked-up evening and I’m trying to decide where to whine about it.

  • Wes says:

    Hey, no scolding from me regarding “Cavemen” — I go out of my way to watch it as well. It is bad, but it’s nowhere near bad enough to be offensive (unlike the shows on the CW, which is why I cannot bring myself to watch “Reaper” despite your recommendation!) — it’s just this kind of average bad that stems not from any particularly horrible writing or acting, but rather from the fact that the show just doesn’t have a very good premise to work with. Granted, I can think of a lot of ways that a show like this could be interesting or even thought-provoking — frex, see the Planet of the Apes media — but it’s a terrible setup for a sitcom. Honestly, I didn’t even think the Geico commercials were all that funny.

    Mohinder’s character in “Heroes” is a doctor, but the title of the Hot Flash is an adapted quote from a gangster movie.

    And no, you weren’t being a downer! If you haven’t already sufficiently vented on a forum (I personally recommend the Zen Room at MikeysTMNT) or in AIM chats, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. 🙂

  • Aw, hell. I’m over it!

    But, just in case i piqued your curiosity. I sent you an e-mail explaining what all happened. To be honest, it’s not the first time this kinda thing has happened to me.

    About Cavemen, it’s not like they even make use of the premise at all. It’s just “Friends” all over again with characters that look like Cavemen. Still fun watching it flop, though.

    And, yeah there are much worse shows.

    Anyway, if TV is going to base shows on commercials they ought to base one on the Volkswagen commercials with the weird German guy saying stuff like “German engineering in za house”. I LOVE those ads, and if they made a show out of that, I’d watch, and tape, every episode.

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