November 29, 2011
No, no… we are not bronies here.

We do, however, watch “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” and buy freaking pony toys against our better judgment — and that includes knockoff varieties like the Pony Tails Collection figured from Lanard Toys… as seen in today’s review! I could write more about it here, but really the article (all nearly 2K words of it) pretty much says all I wanted to say and far too much more about an adorable toy pony with brushable creamsicle hair. It really is adorable, damn it.

I now sincerely want a Pony Tails Collection unicorn.

Oh, by the way — since I’ve gotten into the show and been reading stuff on the ‘net, I’ve found a lot of older (male?) fans complaining about the nature of the toys. Not about the lack of articulation — that I can understand, and I look forward to purchasing Shine Bright Rarity very soon — but about the fact that the hair on the toys (save the gift set figures and the figurine collection offerings) is rooted rather than molded. What the hell, people. IT’S A MY LITTLE PONY TOY, FOR FREAK’S SAKE! I’m still a little miffed about the Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra figures not coming with alternate heads with rooted hair, but there’s no way I’d tolerate My Little Pony toys not having it. What good is a My Little Pony whose hair you can’t brush?! And, unless Hasbro made the hair out of really pliable plastic, sculpted hair would prevent the basic ponies from fully utilizing the sole point of articulation they actually have!

I swear, you fanboys would rob me of every single fleeting joy in my life if you could. 😥

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  • mickelodeon says:

    ADORBZ, x 2. Star Tattoo Girl received a MLP set a few years ago for her birthday. That was my first real introduction to them and when I got home from that visit, I thought I’d buy at least one for my collection, but never did. Or I at least looked for one, but couldn’t find any I liked.

  • RADIX says:

    Seems the store carrying these isn’t in my state, but if anyone else has them, I’ll consider picking one up. 🙂

    • Wes says:

      Yeah, they’re pretty rare even in Ollie’s stores — of the three I’ve been to in the past month, only one has had any Pony Tails Collection figures. Which is a shame, because they are cool and deserving of wider distribution!

  • Moonmover says:

    I’ve read nearly every article on this website, and am just now bothering to comment. This may be the funniest site on the internet.

    Aah, Lanard toys. I count myself as a ban of The Corps!. It is the face molds that get me, mostly. Those little soldiers have a lot more personality than G.I. Joe, in my opinion – and only cost about a third as much.

    I don’t know anything about My Little Pony, but to my untrained eyes, Strawberry Vine looks like an adult and the MLP figures look like children. If I were a child as had these toys, that is probably how I would treat them when playing.

    • Wes says:

      With a name like Moonmover, I figured you were here for the ponies! Here’s hoping you’ll be inspired to give the show a look.

      The Corps! figures are pretty cool — I’d probably be a lot more into them if Lanard would up the articulation. They probably don’t even need ankle joints, but ball hips would make them so much more appealing as toy soldiers. You’re right about their face sculpts — they are pretty cool. (I’ve been eyeing the ninja-themed ones I’ve been seeing recently.)

      And yes, Strawberry Vine does look considerably older than the Hasbro ponies. She’s actually quite similar to Princesses Celestia and Luna in terms of build. Of course, they’re each 1,000+ years old… (Don’t think too hard about it, but if you do the show will seem a lot scarier than it needs to be. On second thought, think really hard about it! Scary things rule.)

      And thank you for the encouraging comment! I hope you’ll continue to stick around, and please don’t be a stranger. 😀

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