December 2, 2007
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #102!

So, here’s that other “Heroes” Hot Flash I promised. In case you can’t tell what’s going on in the last panel, the explanation is that Parkman has inserted Tay Zonday singing “Chocolate Rain” into Mrs. Petrelli’s mind. That thing has really taken off, as evidenced by the recent Dr. Pepper “Cherry Chocolate Rain” version. YouTube is making people rich.

Almost makes me wish I’d done that condom taste test article from a while back as a video review, except in my case I probably would’ve ended up with an inbox full o’ hate and the Westboro Baptist Church protesting on my lawn. 😛

Anyway, I should have a new article up in the next couple of days — not the third part of the QC Dinobots review, but it will be of a dollar store toy. There isn’t a whole lot to say about the toy itself, but the packaging alone should inspire three or four paragraphs’ worth of discussion. So yeah, look for that! And there will be yet another “Heroes” Hot Flash in the future as well, though certainly not in time for the season finale tomorrow. And so the influence of this horrible season will extend past its televised run.


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    You can find anything on there!

    Between Youtube, and Newgrounds the net seems to have better shows to watch than TV right now.

    New dollar-store toy?

    I saw a pretty cool looking toy at a dollar-store recently. It was a Ninja (not from any specific show, just a Ninja) action figure with an insane amount of weapons and accesories.

    IMO it’s cooler than many of the more expensive toys I’ve seen. I didn’t buy it for a couple reasons.

    1.) I’m so broke right now, I can’t even waste a dollar on something so frivolous.

    2.) Alot of poor families (and cheapskates) do their X-mas shopping there. A toy that cool for a dollar almost seems like a X-mas miracle in the making for poor kids (or kids stuck with cheap parents). It’s a case of “they need it more than I do”.

    (And, of course, everyone should buy a more elaborate toy to donate to their local toy drive. I’m thinking of donating a TMNT or Bionicle this year).

    Of course, if it’s still there after X-mas, I’m snatching that sucker up!

    I think it would be great to make a stop-motion short film with (I usually need a reason to buy a toy). I’ve been into animation lately. I’m currently working on a sequence of a guy turning into a Werewolf, all hand-drawn, on paper!

  • the Jax says:

    That was kickass funny! It’s just weird how the filter you used makes the people look smeared with dirt. Then again, I’ve only seen small fragments of the show, so I don’t know, maybe they tend to have intense fights rolling around in mud. That would account for the sky-high ratings.

  • RADIX says:

    Haha! Commercial jingles tend to make my nose bleed as well–or at least, make me want to smash my head into the nearest solid object until it DOES bleed.

    Speaking of dollar toys, I found two recently–a “Morphobot” and a “Chromebot”. Both aren’t much to talk about, but then, I did only shell out two bucks for them. Oddly, two of the limbs of the Morphobot (it resembles the offspring of Jazz and a lion) are placed backwards, making proper transformation a bitch. The Chromebot is a hybrid of Voltron and Transformers, and was supposed to light up–but its irreplaceable battery is teh dead. 🙁

    As for YouTube…some of that shit made me lose sleep. D: Particularly Amiga games like Weird Dreams and Dark Seed.

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