December 2, 2011
The horror of ponyfication.

What the hey? Two SC updates in one week?! AND MORE TO COME IN THE NEAR FUTURE?!?! Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves — how many times have we heard that before, eh? — but I’ve got a good feeling about more content to come. Partly because I’ve already bought and photographed more ponies for review. UGH.

And along those lines, here’s Dusty Plastic HELLside #28 — possibly the most horrifying such comic yet. Woo.

The backstory: I mentioned by way of a link in the (first) Pony Tails toy review that Kevin Bolk of Interrobang Studios is largely responsible for convincing me to give “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” a try… and since that show’s sent me down a bit of a pony road, I can’t blame him enough. Not only have I gone on to watch all of the episodes, bought several wannabe ponies (the latter of which I probably would have done anyway at some point; insanity is the only reason I need to buy girly dollar store toys), and purchased four of the six main ponies from the official Hasbro line (only Rarity and Rainbow Dash remain, and I WILL have them!), but I’ve even begun attempting to style their hair. Ugh.

Fluttershy is so adorable.

So yeah, since I owe this embarrassment in large part to Kevin — and since he’s drawn me in a couple of strips so far (here’s the latest of which, though it fails to appreciate my undying love of the Twilight series) — I figured I’d repay the favor in a manner of speaking with a bit of art. AND A NIGHTMAR(E MOON)ISH CURSE.

More ponies next time, probably — though tyrannosaurs and cake are also possibilities.

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  • mickelodeon says:

    Okay, between the TARDIS key around Wes Pony’s neck and the K-Bo label on the other pony, I am very amused. However…before I read the accompanying blog post, I thought the Bo of K-Bo had something to do with the lovely Bo of Lost Girl. Seriously, I am sitting here, in my pajamas and drinking coffee and wondering what the K has to do with Lost Girl’s Bo. XD Then I clicked the blog link and read the post and *finally* had the mystery solved.

    MLP FTW!

    • Wes says:

      See, now I want to draw some Lost Pony artwork… and possibly see someone make some customs to that effect. I think Bo should be a fuchsia unicorn. XD

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