December 5, 2011
I’m thankful I’m not covered in some chick’s blood.

DUDE! ANOTHER SCARY-CRAYON UPDATE THIS MONTH! That’s pretty insane — and there are more on the way. (I hope.)

So remember how I mentioned that this time there would probably be ponies, with the possibility of dinosaurs or cake? Yeah, you get none of those. (Probably dinosaurs next time.) You do get a new Dusty Plastic HELLside comic, though! HURRAY!

So I didn’t (entirely) make this comic up — I was at a Target recently and I actually overheard this chick saying those words almost verbatim, and then I turned to see this not hideous white girl hanging on and rubbing the bloated stomach of this big fat black dude with his hair in a ponytail. And for about half a second, I was actually the slightest bit jealous! Then my gag reflex totally kicked in and I remembered that I’d kick a girl who said something like that to me down a flight of steps, but yes. (I should also note that I have no idea whether she was speaking sarcastically — and/or in response to something the dude said about how cool and black he was — but I imagine/hope that was the case. I doubt I’d be happy about a girl saying something like that to me even in jest, though.)

So anyway, I when I got home I doodled up the actors, and — if you’ll note the date — it just so happened that I “inked” them on Thanksgiving. It’s not a holiday I especially care for, since I don’t generally have much to be thankful for (“my life kinda sucks” is my sad refrain). But I do find it curious that, if I had many of the things that other people are thankful for, I would probably be even less happy. And possibly in prison or a mental hospital for totally snapping and doing heinous things like smashing in faces and drowning newborn babies. So in some ways, even if it’s unfortunate (and it really is), I often think my lot in life right now is preferable to other lots that would seem so much better to an outside observer.

So, uh, yeah… we’ll call that our belated Thanksgiving discussion. (Hope y’all had an enjoyable turkey day and are enjoying the winter holiday season thus far.) Next time we’ll talk about more trivial stuff. 😀

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