December 6, 2004
Write a 50K word novel in a month!

NEW ARTICLE!!! Yeah, it’s been a while, but Scary-Crayon finally has a new written piece up. In fact, it’s entirely written, as it has no images! It’s actually a little insightful, too. Still, hopefully this is the start of a return to normalcy at SC… if it even makes sense to use the word “normal” around here. That doesn’t mean the Hot Flashes will be leaving, though — in fact, we’ve got another of those for you today as well!

Also, the Links block below has been updated with two new links — Platypus Comix and (finally) tOkKa’s! Also, the link to Poprocks & Coke has been switched to Progressive Boink, since Mike Fireball recently joined the team there. Hope you’re enjoying your new home, mate!

So that does it for this update — see y’all next time. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SCARY-CRAYON!!!  😀

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