December 10, 2005
A Crayon Haiku #36!

You know, just about every time I post A Crayon Haiku episodes these days I write something along the lines of, “The classic Scary-Crayon featurette returns from its hiatus with A Crayon Haiku #Something!!!” Then I promise that there will be more Crayon Haikus. Then Hot Flashes totally take over the site and one or two months pass before I post another haiku. EXCEPT FOR LAST TIME — because just three days after A Crayon Haiku #35 we have A Crayon Haiku #36 in this short Saturday update. Hurrah! And we’ll see if I make good on it, but I’m once again going to promise more haikus in the near future. Maybe that doesn’t mean much to y’all — I mean they are kinda short updates, and even my occasional blog entries that don’t accompany main page updates are more substantive, but seeing as how A Crayon Haiku was with us when the site launched I’ve kinda got a soft spot for the featurette.

A Crayon Haiku
the oldest site featurette
short, yes, but still fun

So, the ad that appears in today’s haiku is an actual e-mail that I got (the highlighting of the text, of course, was my addition). 1520 minutes is equal to 25.33 hours is equal to 1.06 days, friends. Shit, no wonder I could never finish any of those paid surveys. Insane.

See y’all next time! More haikus to come! (We hope!)

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  • Molly says:

    Yeah and you can probably only finish it in a day if you’re a speed reader and if you don’t stop for breaks.

    Man, those guys are evil.

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