December 25, 2006
Transformatrix: Bootleg Optimus Prime!

Cybertron Prime, meet Transformatrix Prime!

Okay, I’m barely squeezing this one through for the second Christmas Day update, but here it is: a review of a dollar store Transformatrix action figure, affectionately known to me as Bootleg Optimus Prime. As noted, despite the passing of the holiday, I do still have legitimate Christmas reviews to finish — so expect to see those in the upcoming days! If all goes well, I should have another one for you tomorrow. 🙂

That said, Scary-Crayon and I hope that you enjoy the article — and that you had a merry Christmas (or equivalent winter holiday)! :mrgreen:

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  • swatson says:


    I really enjoyed your article on bootleg, dollar store toys. I am curious about the toy you used to represent an underage pop star. What is the name of it and where’s it from?
    On a related note, I would like to suggest a showcase of all the toys you’ve used over the years in a page on your site. A funny caption for each would be great. I would really like it if you could answer my question, but you don’t have to do the toy showcase thing.

    Thank you for all your work this year,

  • Wes says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, Swatson. 🙂 The figurine used to represent the teen idol is Linda from Okage: Shadow King, a PS2 RPG (I think in Japan its title translates to something like Me and Satan King). It’s pretty average in terms of gameplay, but the art direction and the story are interesting enough to recommend it. I can’t see myself completing the game in full again, but I enjoyed my sole playthrough quite a bit.

    Anyway, the Okage figures have appeared in several other pieces on the site (most notably the Forkless Gourmet Kung Pao Shrimp Bun Meal and Snack Cake Sushi articles). They’re neat for fans of the game (or people who just like the look of the characters), but since they have zero articulation it would be hard for anyone else to justify paying the import prices for these things. I picked most of mine up at Anime Expo in 2002. Linda and Big Bull, however, came from a toy/comic shop just outside of NYC’s Chinatown.

    (Was that answer thorough enough? :mrgreen:)

    I like the toy showcase idea, but it might be a bit difficult — I’ve used a lot of toys here over the years, and I’m pretty sure I’d have a difficult time listing and locating them all! I’ll keep the idea in mind for potential anniversary article fodder, though.

    Also, I had some trouble getting your link to work (the Geocities/Yahoo thing is kinda weird and I’m not sure they’ve synched everything up properly), so I corrected it in your above post. I hope that’s okay! And thanks again for reading and commenting. 🙂

  • agustinaldo says:

    I think the Okage figure was meant to be either Hailey Duff, Hillary Duff or the fictional Hannah Montana.

    By the way, “Robot Chicken” is a total rip-off of your site. You should sue Seth Green.

  • Wes says:

    Actually, Robot Chicken is more/less based on Twisted Toyfare Theater, which predates Scary-Crayon by quite a few years. The names “Robot Chicken” and “Scary-Crayon” do have a similar ring to them, but I’d be surprised if Seth Green and crew had even heard of SC.

    Obviously things did not go as well as hoped, but I still plan to get some belated Xmas joy posted this weekend. Failing that, there’s always next year…

  • mega_prime says:

    ive heard from a lot of people that toy sucks but i still want one ive all over my local dollar tree and still cant find them i wanna get a whole bunch to make a prime army
    and your about how most knock offs have been remolds atlealst they have the guts to make there own mold and a megatron transformatrix toy would be cool

  • bryan says:

    hey that chest doesnt look like primes chest…its G1 motormasters cab!

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