December 25, 2011
The obligatory holiday update!

Or I guess it’s not obligatory, since we’ve probably skipped it in years past — but here we are today with a few holiday pics in the extra-specially numbered Dusty Plastic HELLside #XM2011. The first pic takes its inspiration from Kristen Stewart’s explanation of Christmas, where she replaces frankincense and myrrh with Frankenstein and (a) Mer-Man, respectively. I didn’t have any gold from Jared’s, so I made due with Ranger Gold. 😉 And then the other two images are just holiday cards! I kinda wanted to do something red-and-green themed and this seemed obvious (and a whole lot less gross than the approach I took years ago) considering the Lantern toy onslaught of the past year. And with ponies being my latest obsession… yeah.

So, see you next time! Still have the cake and pony articles in the queue, but they might actually be overtaken by some other exciting content to come. STAY TUNED!

And happy holidays, everypony. 🙂

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