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#37 – Happy Father’s Day!

by: Wes

Fictional fathers and their kids.

So I hadn’t originally planned to do anything special on the site for Father’s Day — not that this constitutes anything special — but then inspiration struck and I decided to do an action figure photo of fathers and their kids. If it were just fathers, that’d make almost any male figure fair game… but even with the kid qualifier this is by no means the full set Action figure fathers pic in colorof paternal connections among my toys. Heck, my DC collection is pretty small, and yet I probably have enough father/child pairings among them to fill a shot exclusively comprised of DC characters — especially if I included Batman and Robin(s); Superboy and Superman/Lex Luthor; and other relationships along those lines. Since I didn’t want the DC figures included in this pic to be standard hero pairings (Batman/Robin, Superman/Superboy, etc.), I went with blood relationships and villainous dads (and even then I had to leave out Deathstroke and Ravager).

As far as the non-DC figures go… well, you probably know who they are so I won’t keep rambling. Ask in the comments if you don’t recognize a character and would like to be clued in!

And — of course — best wishes and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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