And now, Scary-Crayon presents...
The Sinister Pelican (Flight of the Dread Fowl)
by: Wes

I. Motionless, the dread fowl beholds him with a narrowed stare rimmed in dried, flaking blood, perceiving innermost desires by sightless eyeballs long clouded with the pallor of death.

the sinister pelicanII. The right wing reaches outward from the line of the flesh-starved frame; the left rests perpendicular to the other, reaching across the malnourished body and hiding it from critical sight. Ash and irremovable gray filth defile the white down, rubbed deep from the creature's habitual dwelling in chambers deep in the heart of humanity. Malice congeals and flakes within, strangling consciences as it pipes pollution throughout the collective body and soul of a species.

III. The crooked neck cranes over the protective left wing to present the misshapen head. Underneath the lifeless gaze hinges a bill the sickly orange of vomit and pumpkin guts. The sagging underbeak hangs to the floor, an empty pouch: at the feeding time it bulges with ambitious youth, lured with promises of wealth and fame dangling from its tongue. In their avarice they grasp at the tongue -- it retreats -- and so seeking more they venture deeper into the gaping jaws to be swallowed up and cradled greedily into the filth of the dread fowl's corrupt maw.

IV. But now the soulless orbs edged in dead life search not for sustenance. Now they fix on the boy who summoned them from the ashen pits of subconscious desire, where demons wait distanced from the physical plane for diabolical wishes to give them form. Perched with sepulchral rigor in the open window, the sinister Pelican now waits to gratify the darkest wishes of the youth who invoked it by its own unholy name.

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