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San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay - Day 1

So we’re live at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con — and we’re kicking things off with some cosplay! If you’ve been to one of these shows, you know that these are only a small sampling of the cosplayers on display. You also know that, while they’re all pretty cool, there were a lot of amazing cosplayers that I didn’t get to shoot — because my camera batteries aren’t immortal, and also because I’m only one person and not Superman. I guess Spider-Man would have been the more appropriate reference there, but what have you.

The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond

So we’ll kick things off with the first cosplaying pair I photographed — because I wasn’t even sure how much cosplay photography I was going to be doing this year until I saw the Doctor and Amy Pond and couldn’t stop myself from asking for a snap. Or grinning from ear to ear. Even though I don’t even really like nuWho or Amy Pond. Maybe it’s because that woman looks a bit like Jennifer Aniston? And the Doctor recognized my TARDIS key necklace, which was cool and prevents me from hating him too much.


AWESOM-O is awesome. Oh.

Wolverine Clone Trooper?

This one was a cosplayer first for me — a Clone Trooper painted and modified to look like Wolverine of the X-Men. Really awesome stuff, and it gives me ideas. Hasbro already does Transformers crossovers — why not crossovers with other lines? I’d totally buy a Wolverine Clone Trooper, a Rogue Princess Leia, or a Sith Doctor Doom. (Well, they’d have to do something extra cool to make the last one work — Doom is practically Vader in dress and demeanor anyway.)

EDIT: As noted by Dustin Vilmur on Facebook and Jester and Ewan in the comments, this isn’t a Wolverine Clone Trooper combo — it’s a cross between Logan and a Mandalorian a la Boba Fett, which somehow makes it even cooler. Or at least I guess it does; I clearly wouldn’t know for certain! Anyway, thanks for the correction, guys.

Battleground Teela

This woman was posing for photos at the Mattel booth (I assume she works for Mattel), so her costume is a little less impressive in terms of homemade virtue. But it certainly gets props for being another character I’ve never seen cosplayed before… or at least a version of a character I’ve never seen cosplayed before. Parents were pointing and saying, “Look, She-Ra!” to their drooling spawn, but this is proof positive that sometimes Mommy and Daddy are dead wrong. This is not She-Ra — this is (Battleground) Teela. Totally different characters.

Mega Man

More uniqueness! I’m pretty darned sure this isn’t the first Mega Man cosplay I’ve ever seen, but it’s undoubtedly the best. This guy was even rocking the ridiculously oversized boots! I wish I had a pair like them.

Iron Man Mark VI

Iron Man, Mk VI. Hard to capture on film, but his arc reactor even lit up — impressive! — though the eyes stayed red. So maybe this is Iron Man taken over by an evil program.

Another 11th Doctor!

Another Doctor! This one was actually traveling with the Iron Man, which I found a bit amusing because I TOTALLY don’t think that pairing would work. Sure, they’re both pretty brilliant guys who can often be dicks to everyone around them, but I just think Tony would rub the Doctor the wrong way — like a cat being rubbed the wrong way by a driver driving the wrong way down a one-way street. (That was a pretty terrible simile there, which goes to show you how well I simil-ize when exhausted.)

Discipline, Justice, Commitment!

And finally — a Street Fighter group shot! Discipline and commitment like this really bring a tear to my eye. If the five to the left teamed up and brought Bison to justice, the mantra would be complete.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay tuned to Scary-Crayon for more SDCC 2012 cosplay — and more coverage of other cool stuff! Until next time —

— Wes —

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