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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All-New Action Figures from Playmates @ SDCC 2012

Raph statue @ Nick booth

When I finally arrived at SDCC and got my bag checked, I was a hot and sweaty mess — and, though I was determined to do it, stumbling into the huge, crowded exhibit hall didn’t quite seem like a brilliant idea. However, the second I entered, my joy exploded and I knew I was in the right place: right in front of me was a GINORMOUS Raphael Statue. And then I glanced up and saw…

Nickelodeon's TMNT display!

Yep — I just happened to enter the exhibit hall right by Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display! I couldn’t have unzipped my camera bag and started shooting faster than I might have unzipped my pants if I’d been kneeling on a four-poster bed with the sexy yellow-clad OT Apri… oookay, I’ll save the dirty references for another time because they’re totally not appropriate here. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are good, clean, family entertainment (just ignore that stack of Mirage comics in the corner).

Mike and Leo statues @ Nick boothRude cartoon dog blocking my TMNTs!Donatello statue @ Nick booth

And here are the shots I ended up with. Even getting these was frustratingly difficult thanks to that damned cartoon dog — I guess he thought I was trying to photograph him, because he seemed to be deliberately blocking my shots. I was finally able to get one of Don without the dog by walking right up to the statue.

TMNT 2012 figures @ Nick boothTMNT 2012 villains @ Nick booth

Battle Shell Raph @ Nick boothBattle Shell TMNT figures @ Nick boothBattle Shell Mike @ Nick booth

And here are some pics of the figures in the display along the side of the Nick booth. The top two pics are from the 4-5″ figure display; the bottom row are from the adjacent display featuring the 10″ Toys “R” Us exclusive Battle Shell figures. They all look kinda awesome!

Classic Leonardo figure @ Nick boothClassic Raph figure @ Nick boothClassic Michelangelo figure @ Nick booth

Also, below those figures — and almost completely obscured by green “mutagen” glass — were carded versions of the classic TMNT figures. Kind of odd that they were so well hidden in the display, but the camera’s flash and automatic light correction managed to make them a little more visible!

TMNT figures @ Diamond booth

Finally, over by the Diamond booth (I’m guessing for the Previews catalog?), there were a couple of TMNT figure displays. One was for the vehicles, and — as you see — the classic TMNT figures. I’ve been pretty down on these figures given their gargantuan size (the figures stand 6.5″ tall, which makes them too large to fit in with 6″ and even 7″ lines scalewise), but I have to admit that the four brothers look pretty awesome assembled.

TMNT figures @ Diamond booth

And finally, the other display focused on my favorite new TMNT offerings — the smaller figures (although those figures appeared in the vehicle pic as well). If you saw the quickie comic from earlier this week, you know that I’ve already acquired these, but I still found the display to be pretty radical! As a fan since the 80s, I really have enjoyed seeing the Turtles getting all this love again. I doubt the Diamond booth will change — but here’s hoping Playmates and Nickelodeon will add more figures to their displays before the weekend’s out! If they do, you’ll definitely see the new plastic spotlighted here.

Thanks for reading — and stay tuned to Scary-Crayon for more SDCC 2012 coverage!

— Wes —

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