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Robert Schwentke's Flightplan isn't just one of the worst movies I've ever seen -- it's the only film I've ever seen in the theater that enraged me to the point where I actually flipped the screen the bird. The acting is terrible, with Jodie Foster putting on a manic, nerve-grating show (though arguably appropriate, since she's lost her daughter and all) and Peter Sarsgaard delivering a performance about on par with that of a supporting character in a SciFi Original (i.e. fucking terrible). The story is ridiculously stupid, filled with gaping logic holes and featuring a particularly asinine extortion plot that depends upon the villain's being able to kidnap a six-year-old girl on a flight with over 400 passengers not only a) without anyone noticing the act, including her protective mother who should have been sitting right next to her, but b) without anyone having noticed that the girl boarded the flight in the first place. Have you ever seen a movie that's so bad it leaves you thinking, "God, this is awful... the only possible way this could be any worse is if X happened next." Not only does Flightplan inspire this kind of thought, but in fact is so horribly predictable that, just after you've devised torturous scenario X, X will indeed be the very next thing to occur! In addition, the movie features highly questionable moral values and a blatantly offensive exploitation of post 9-11 racist paranoia concerning Arabs on airplanes, with a major plot twist that actually requires the audience to have certain racist fears in order to shock. If one lacks these feelings, however, the film's racism is all too apparent, transparent, and appalling. I hated this movie with a passion.

Flightplan one of those rare films that manages to offend on almost all fronts. The movie appeals to the lowest common denominator of American society, and when I say "lowest" I don't mean "common to all" -- I mean "ignoble". With some films, you're told to "leave your brain at the door," but if you think at all during this movie (and are capable of anything that deserves to be called "thinking"), you will be offended and insulted. Flightplan is a vile piece of cinematic trash and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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