January 3, 2005
A Dusty Plastic HELLISH New Year!

Hihi in 2005, everybody! Natch, I meant to have A Dusty Plastic HELLISH New Year up on the first, but things got kinda crazy and I just got it up now. Sorry for the delay, and for not posting the fourth and final part of our Christmas with Gumby review yet! Thanks for your patience, children. And yes, I am feeling better. Thanks for asking!

A Scary-Crayon link button from tOkKa!

Next up, our pal tOkKa at terrible2z.com has created a Triceraton link button for the site! So in addition to the others at the bottom of the sidebar, you can also use this one to link us. Thanks, tOkKa!  😀

And like I said last time, Scary-Crayon’s first birthday/anniversary is coming up on the 25th! If you’ve enjoyed our content over the past year please SHOW US TEH <3 with well-wishes and photos of your sexy selves posing with crayon powaa! And I hope you’ll keep rockin’ with us in 2005.  😉

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