March 3, 2006
A Crayon Haiku #47!

As noted in A Crayon Haiku #47, some pretty questionable stuff happens on “Justice League Unlimited”. And to think, children are watching this show! By the way, did anyone catch the episode when Grodd tried to turn everyone on Earth into an ape? What the fuck was that supposed to accomplish? They still retained their intelligence — and, in the cases of the superheroes, their powers — so I kinda don’t get it, especially given that Grodd has consistently been shown to prefer human women to gorilla gals. I mean, Giganta started out as a bleeding gorilla, and he altered her genetic structure to make her look like a natural (human) woman! And I thank him for that, because Giganta is seriously hot.


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  • GM says:

    Nice haiku. For some reason I never would have expected any JLU stuff on this site.

    Personally, I don’t mind the questionable content on the show. That stuff tends to fly over kids’ heads without them noticing. They’ll just think they’re dating. And if they do get it, only a very small percent of them will go on to have gorilla fetishes, and that’s only because they’re weird.

    The “turn everyone into apes” thing. While I think JLU is a great show, a lot of episodes have moments of stupidity like that. Like the episode where that general hulked out on Captain Nazi serum and beat the crap out of a few of the heroes. At the end they were saved by a brave crowd of civilians that came out of nowhere, lead by a Wise Old Lady who talks the guy down by pointing out his own contradictions. Scenes with crowds like that are just cheesy and anticlimatic, but that might just be my personal taste. The entire episode with Hawk and Dove was also pretty stupid.

    On a less mature note, I don’t care if she did Grodd. Gorilla funk won’t stick to you forever. If I lived in that show’s universe and I was a completely different person, I’d still do Tala.

  • Wes says:

    Interesting — I wonder why you wouldn’t have expected any JLU stuff on Scary-Crayon, though! We’ve touched on Batman a couple of times (Thomas Wayne was an asshole and the Batman: Justice Unbalanced game review), so JLU isn’t that far of a stretch. I did do a quick-blog only Supergirl thing a while back, too. Anything’s fair game on SC.

    And yeah, I don’t mind the questionable stuff on the show (I think it’s far more harmless than certain episodes of “That’s So Raven”, for example), but it is pretty weird. And you’re right that JLU has had some very stupid episodes. I still like it, but I don’t think it comes anywhere near being as clever as “Teen Titans” was. Anticlimactic is pretty much the name of the game with cartoons these days, though, which kind of bothers me. In the final seasons of both JLU and TT, they’ve built up to these pretty intense final battles only to have the villains quickly quashed in the final minutes of the eps. Now I’m not saying they need to spend months battling the villains a la certain animes (DBZ, frex), but a good three to four-part episode detailing the final battle would be nice. (And not in the way that TT did it in Season 4, since even there Raven smashed Trigon singlehandedly just like that.) I guess the way the final TT arc ended was acceptable, but it would’ve been nice if they’d spent a few more episodes focusing on the remaining Titans in the wake of the Brotherhood’s attack. An ep featuring Raven navigating that portal world they sent her to, Cyborg’s adventures in unconsciousness while lying at the bottom of the hole, maybe even an ep focusing on some of the honorary Titans hiding in an abandoned building… might’ve been interesting. Ah well.

    And with Tala, it’s the principle of the thing!!!

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