July 16, 2005
Panic in the sky, indeed!

I guess stuff like this will appear in the blog from time to time, too.

By the way, regarding the previous entry, it occurs to me that Robb Armstrong probably isn’t a bad guy — he just draws a really shitty and unfunny comic. So I probably wouldn’t shiv him if I met him on the street. Breaking his fingers would probably be doing the world a favor, though.

This from the guy who’d make Supergirl porn!

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  • Why am I just now discovering this entry.

    I’m thinking of printing this picture out and keeping it in my wallet.

    If asked for ID I can always say “I don’t have any, but I have a picture of Supergirl fondling Supergirl”.

  • ^Forgot the question mark in the first line. It should say “Why am I just now discovering this entry?”

  • Wes says:

    Well, it is one of the few posts without an article attached — those tend to get noticed less than ones that are explicitly linked in the footers of new pieces.

    That doesn’t exactly answer your question, though — why are you just now discovering this entry? It’s been buried for over a year! :mrgreen:

  • I was reading some of your old Haiku’s (well switching between them and some “The Incredibles” fanfiction) and noticed the link to this entry in the one about Tala.

    I need to start checking the blog between articles.

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