March 20, 2012
It’s hot on the Hellside.

I probably should’ve saved that title for a comic that’s actually about HEAT — which I anticipate, seeing as how we’ve had the warmest winter I’ve ever experienced and it’s already hella warm in the middle of March — but whatever. Here’s Dusty Plastic HELLside #32, which is totally not about heat at all in that it is not terribly exciting. Honestly? I wanted to do something in keeping with the sad/rejected author avatar theme, and I kinda liked the “not even to save the whales” line. Don’t ask me why. 😛

So yeah, that’s that! I should have another similar comic in the next few days. See you then! And don’t forget about the “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil” contest we’re running — you’ve got through next Monday to enter!

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