March 22, 2012
Princess Celestia is not pink, darnit!

That said, as seen below, I was planning to make Celestia pink here, as I used the toy as my reference when drawing up this comic. The cool thing about flood fill coloring, though, is that it’s super easy to implement color changes on a whim! 😉

From the cutting room floor: Wes and pink Celestia!

So yeah, here’s another quick HELLside comic — this one featuring the aforementioned pony princess but otherwise in keeping with the theme of these strips as of late. I think we’ll go back to action figures for at least the next couple of comics… and then who knows? Also, in the last comic and this one, you might’ve noticed that I dropped the word balloons in favor of naked text with a line to designate the speaker. The drawings themselves are fairly simple, and I found myself thinking maybe the word balloons didn’t mesh as well with that style. I doubt it really matters to readers either way (I have a tendency to overthink things!), but if you do have any feelings about the change I encourage you to share them. Feel free to comment on anything else about the comic as well! Hopefully you find the joke less offensive than Celestia did…

Anyway, that does it for this post. Remember to enter our “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil” contest if you haven’t already (you’ve got through Monday, March 26, to do so; we’ll be giving away three “Todd” Season 1 DVD sets), and stay tuned to Scary-Crayon! :mrgreen:

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