June 27, 2008
More Doctor Who articles!

That’s right — today we’ve got two new Doctor Who features to add to the Spectare section! Perhaps you recall our friend Mickey of Strange Cousin Susan, who partnered with us for the drinking game based on “The Sarah Jane Adventures”? Well, we’re glad to feature her writing once again on the site in Sarah Jane Smith Fashionista Fever! Note also that this is only the first part, so look forward to seeing more of Mickey’s work on SC in the future. The article is also crossposted at her site — along with her blog-style musings and several other projects, including a growing Sarah Jane sound file archive and a collection of LOL capshunz (many of which are Doctor Who-themed) — so be sure to swing by and give her some encouragement in her own backyard as well. 🙂

And whereas Mickey’s piece sees her criticizing Sarah Jane’s wardrobe choices of yesteryear, my review of “Turn Left” sees me criticizing a recent episode from the current “Doctor Who” series. And yes, I have no doubt that forthcoming events will do more to explain Donna’s surpassing importance in the grander scheme of things, but lines like “You’re the most important woman in the whole of creation!” are still unjustifiable and just plain bloody awful. And you know what else is awful? Billie Piper without makeup. I still heart you, Billie, but damn.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot — I made the logo of that piece with an image from this page. It’s a great resource for all of you creative Doctor Who fans out there! This Doctor Who fonts page is also quite useful.

Anywho — get it? anywho?! — that’ll do it for this update. Until next time!

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  • What the hell? Is the Brigadier taking her to the prom?

    awesome line.

    – b.

  • TresobYr says:

    I never thought about it this way before, but maybe the vast majority of female sidekicks end up wearing very little clothing because they simply can’t handle the rigorous critique of their outfits…

  • Wes says:

    And now I must make it a priority to never, ever, ever criticize Catherine Tate’s clothing ever again. Chintzy beetle backpack, you’re off the hook as well.

  • De says:

    I cannot wait until you get to Sarah Jane’s Dimensions in Time outfit.

  • T.A.B. says:

    I just prepared a review of “Turn Left” for publication, and I think I like your review better. I”m not changing mine, though. I did bring up the point about Sarah Jane not being in the vicinity of the hospital during “Smith and Jones”.

  • Wes says:

    TAB: I’m glad you liked my review — do let me know when yours goes up! And yes, you shouldn’t change yours (unless, that is, unless you want to alter it to include a link to SC :mrgreen: ). After all, if you changed it following a cue from mine, I’d have to demand a cut of your payment. 😉

  • RADIX says:

    Sadly, I would happily wear those outfits (though in something other than brown) if it meant striking back at the failure that is today’s fashion. Why? Because not only am I fashion-retarded (if you saw me, you’d know), but even the predominately brown outfits are better than yet another T-shirt with a horrible sexual pun written on it (and AIMED AT TEENAGE GIRLS, might I add!). Not the funny ones, but those that declare the wearer to be a total slut…but I digress.

    Excellent and humorous analysis as usual, o Crayon. 🙂

  • Mickey says:

    Once I get Sarah! Jane!’s closet analyzed to death, I’m giving serious, serious thought to doing the same to Romana II. =)

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