September 19, 2005
Tales of Seduction by U-Jin, Part 3!

Yep, it’s here — the third and final installment of Scary-Crayon’s Tales of Seduction by U-Jin review. I know that some of you out there have been waiting eagerly for this one, so I hope you enjoy it. But how could you not, with Toyama no Benbei? He’s the greatest rapist ever.

Also, I don’t know how often y’all check the SC blog independently of the other content, but I’m hoping to start posting to it more often regarding things in pop culture that I find to be worthy of comment — the last two entries, for example, addressed the Billboard Music Awards and an actual television show that consisted of a group of people eating dinner. So if you find my commentary to be at all amusing, I advice you to bookmark the blog’s RSS feed. Incidentally, that would also keep you up to date regarding the site’s more substantial updates! Definitely an advantageous thing to do if you like ’em crayon stuff.

Penelope Cruz in EL OJO ROJO

Finally, another pic of Ej Ojo Rojo‘s Penelope Cruz. So hot. 😀

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