October 4, 2005
Nurses, Hot Flash, and a birthday!

We’ll address those in reverse order. First off, happy birthday to ME! You know, one of the trickier things about managing the site and the blog is that a lot of my comments actually get sent to moderation — because when I start using HTML and whatnot in my replies the system thinks I could be a malicious user. But since I posted them myself, I rarely think to check the moderation queue for my own posts, and generally I don’t discover them until some other comment (usually something from a spambot) comes under fire. Case in point: Scorn asked me what folks could do if they wanted to celebrate my birthday, and I responded with this — which unfortunately I didn’t discover in the queue until this morning! Ah well, So obviously it’d be a little late to send stuff now, but if you want to send things to wish me a belated birthday, you’re more than welcome to do so. And of course, donations to the site are always welcome.

Speaking of which, thanks Molly. 🙂 Alligator Juice is a worthy read as well! I particularly liked the recent article entitled Beware of the Bus, though unlike Mols I totally advise the lot of you to go on a lengthy Greyhound bus ride at least once in your lives. Oh, the stories you’ll have to tell when you return!

So onto today’s updates. First, there’s Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #51, which takes us back to the SNES game Tuff E Nuff for a look at desperation moves in the distant future. It kinda came off the top of my head, but I hope it’s mildly amusing for what it is. And then there’s Hell Nooooo Nurse!, a feature which I’d actually hoped to get posted elsewhere but apparently wasn’t good enough for them so I’m posting it here. Which is no big deal, really, since that’s how Scary-Crayon got started! Seriously, I had so many articles that I’d submitted elsewhere and that nobody wanted to post that I thought, “Fuck it, I might as well start my own site and post the shit there!” And, as you see, I did. Perhaps that explains the site’s lack of popularity — and admittedly, the humor here isn’t mainstream even among its genre audience — but I hope you find it to be worth a few yuks.

And now I’m off to try to do something fun for my birthday. Ja ne!

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