October 17, 2007
Count 10: Dolly & Kissyface

Double duty complete — we’re back on track. 8)

Dolly frightens me.

Meet Dolly, the inevitable living doll in the realm of the Creepy Freaks. I think she’s a doll, anyway — she looks like a doll on the sticker art, she’s dressed like a doll, and you can make out molded joints on the arms and knees of the figurine. The head itself, however, is more evocative of a psychotic forty-something woman who’s been smoking since she was thirteen. Granted, a woman that old who wears blue tutus and furiously rips dollies in half would certainly qualify for the creepy freaky award — but then again, despite the overuse of the concept, so would a living doll. Poke around this page for a bit and tell me your skin doesn’t crawl.

Whatever Kissyface wants, Kissyface gets...

Aaand it’s back to the repaints with Kissyface, a recolor of Tulips from the second starter set. Whereas the purple and green on Tulips gave her a sort of plant-like appearance not unlike that of some actual purple tulips, Kissyface’s prominent green and red make her look more like a goblin child. Not only do I like these colors better, but they also cause me to come away with a completely different take on the mold.

Tulips looked shy and earnest, which prompted me to feel sorry for her and write about how cruel the Creepy Freaks world must be to exploit her unfortunate ugliness. Kissyface, on the other hand, has a decidedly vamped up and mischievous look that suggests that she revels in her ability to dominate and traumatize her fellow monsters. Maybe it’s the red dress and redder lips(tick). She’d almost be sexy if she weren’t so damned hideous, but the combination of her ghoulish looks and her aggressive attitude is precisely what makes Kissyface such a creepy and freaky character… particularly when she’s got you in her sights.

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  • Kinda seems like they missed the point of the “Living Doll” concept with Dolly.

    Living Dolls are creepy because dolls are small and supposed to be harmless, so it’s way creepy when they come to life and try to kill you.

    “Dolly” looks more like some kind of big cavewoman than a doll.

    And, yeah the age progression photo was kinda creepy but interesting because of being so creepy.

  • Wes says:

    Good point regarding Dolly. But maybe she’s ripping Polly Pocket toys in half? 😉

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