October 23, 2007
Count 16: Bo Oger & Mad Jack

Bo Oger is all messed up.

And here’s Bo Oger, who we saw previously in the Creepy Freaks animation episode and whose figure was repainted into the Booger Man. I already said pretty much everything I wanted to say about this guy in my comments on ol’ Boogie — the idea of a nose-picking cyclops is pretty lame, even though here they at least got a pun out of it. Unfortunately, it’s not even a good pun, as ogres and cyclopes are not necessarily the same thing. They even had to misspell “ogre” to get it to work. 🙁

Also, is it me, or is the Bo Oger to Booger Man repaint one of the weakest recolors ever?

Poor Mad Jack.

Remember when I mentioned that, years ago, I actually opened some of these booster packs before closing them up and completely forgetting about their contents? Mad Jack is the exception. Not only did I remember Mad Jack, but I actually removed him from his package and kept him elsewhere during these past couple of years. You see, he came with his arm broken — and is an awesome clown — so I kept him in a prominent place with full intent to glue his arm back on someday. When I finally did acquire the glue, however, I was hopelessly unable to get the arm to stay on. Even when I acquired better glue recently and attempted once again to fix Mad Jack, the hardened glue from my previous attempt made the connection irregular and impossible to manage. Poor Jack.

You might also have noticed that he’s missing his game instructions — those come fairly loose right out of the box, and after getting it wet while flushing water trying to unstick my own fingers (that glue wouldn’t keep a plastic arm on, but it was hell on the old skin) I just took it off. So Mad Jack’s not only handicapped — he’s a gamepiece without the necessary papers to play. I repeat: poor Jack.

That said, Mad Jack is an awesome figurine — which goes without saying, what with him being a clown and all! — even if he is the (p)repainted version of King Jack. At this point, he’s pretty much the only Creepy Freak that I hope is repeated among these boxes.

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  • Greg says:

    So, for Bo Oger, they only changed the color of his pants? That sucks.

    He does seem rather well endowed, though.

  • Wes says:

    Well, they changed his boots and gave him a contact lens and a bit of a dye job as well, but yeah, that’s pretty much the extent of it. Bo Oger was a terrible choice of figure to repaint, especially insofar as they didn’t want to redo him as a one-eyed Nukie (!) or something. I’d seriously have taken Oozy the Vaginal Bloodman (ugh) over a recolor of this guy.

    I don’t look at the crotches of monster figurines.

  • Whoa, Jack looks fantastic!

    He’s truly truly outrageous (sorry, been watching Jem episodes on you-tube)!

    He’s also now my desktop wallpaper image.

    Anyway, Bo Oger may be tr?s lame but getting something as cool as Mad Jack must make up for it.

    And, I have yet to find a glue that works on plastic.

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