October 24, 2007
Count 17: Finhead & Jar-Head

Finhead is another goddamned repaint.

Repaint City gains another resident with Finhead, a repaint of Fish Face and Worm Breath. I don’t know if it’s coming through in my posts, but this is seriously starting to get on my nerves. WHY ALL THE GODDAMNED REPAINTS?!?! Pokémon started out with 151 monsters and currently has 493 of the buggers and as far as I know not a single one of them is a straight up recolor of another, yet Creepy Freaks only has 56 and at least 20 of them are repaints. Is it that damned difficult to come up with new blood for the line? I could come up with new Creepy Freaks in my sleep — and given the wacky and horrific nature of my dreams, I mean that literally.

Anyway, the orangey recolor works well enough, and Finhead and his kin are fish monster things so I guess the constant repainting makes sense. I’m still sick of repaints.

I'm glad Jar-Head isn't a repaint.

Jar-Head is NOT a repaint, which already makes him today’s winner. In fact, even though he’s not terribly original — brain in a jar, woo — and his name is pretty lame (at least “Brainy” would’ve been kinda cute), he’s probably one of my absolute favorites in the Creepy Freaks line.


Interestingly enough (or not), the reason has nothing whatsoever to do with Creepy Freaks: it’s because Playmates has utterly failed to release a decent Baxter Stockman figure in the 2K3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. The mutant fly toy from the old series was bloody fantastic, but the next-gen plastic Baxters have kinda sucked. Jar-Head, however, is a near perfect rendition of Baxter as he appeared after the Shredder reduced him to a brain in a jar. He’s got both of his eyes — and if I get an extra Jar-Head, I’ll likely try to pop off his top and remove one of the eyeballs to perfect the representation — but even with the additional ocular orb he’s way more show-accurate than any Stockman figure Playmates has handed us this millennium. So even if I never actually get the chance to play the Creepy Freaks game, Jar-Head will always be welcome in my TMNT rogues gallery.

Also, animated brains in jars are kind of creepy and freaky — or at least they would be if they didn’t represent a significant step towards human immortality. Not that immortality can’t be creepy and freaky, but I’d sooner call it very, very cool than either of those things. Even the thought of it makes me want to sing “Princes of the Universe” to no one in particular.

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