November 3, 2005
A Haiku and a Song — SC Style!

Hi everyone, and welcome to NOVEMBER! Hope you had a happy Halloween and stuff. Anyway, to kick off the new month on Scary-Crayon, we’ve got a couple of new pieces for you: A Crayon Haiku #34 and Crayon Song Parody #2! Rah.

As noted in the haiku, I happened upon those necklaces at Target — in the 50% off $1 bins (making them 50 cents each) — so if you’ve got a Target nearby and want to try for one, it’s worth a shot. Also, the one on the left isn’t technically a Madball. I forget the name of the actual line it’s from — if it was part of one at all — but it’s pretty much a bootleg Madball, making its necklace counterpart a double bootleg. Speaking of Madballs, we once reviewed the Madballs ‘toon Escape From Orb and The Madballs History of the World jokebook, so give those a look if the subject interests you.

And then there’s the second Crayon Song Parody, “April”. In the interests of speed, file size, and minimizing torture, I sped up my singing slightly, which has the effect of making it sound a little better and getting it over with much more quickly. It doesn’t really sound like Michelangelo — I don’t think I’m capable of pulling off a very good Mikey impersonation, let alone while “singing” — but as indicated by the images that accompany the article, one might imagine a dejected Mike belting out the song. Side note: The most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met happened to be named April, so I sort of imagined myself singing the song to her. Granted, she was way too beautiful and perfect to ever think of me as being anything other than beneath her, so I’d never have had to sing a song like this to her, but in the event that she did deign to give me a chance I imagine we would’ve parted for similar reasons. My eyes used to glaze over and my mouth would turn into a squiggly line thingy whenever I ran into her on campus, though. She was absolutely stunning.

Come to think of it, I’ve never met an April who was anything less than remarkably attractive. I wonder if the name predisposed me to liking them, since I’d had a crush on Miss O’Neil since childhood? Aaaand this is getting far too personal, so we’re done. Ja ne, minna-san!

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  • I saw those 50% bins at Target, too! I thought the song was great, Wes; another brilliant and very original Scary-Crayon creation.

  • Robweiller says:

    OMG. That song is utterly fantastic, Wes. I heart Rolling Stones’ version but that parody is something… I can’t find a proper word to describe my feelings about it. You did a great job, I LOLed and ROTFLed… and was moved a bit by “With my mutant turtle shell/And unpleasant sewage smell/I know I don’t have much class” sad lines 🙁

  • Jaime says:

    April could totally have had all four of the turtles ^-^

    She was a fool to not take advantage of that! A FOOL!

  • Jaime says:

    you also need to put that adorable bunny on the front of a girly shirt for me…cause he is the cutest blood thirsty bunny ever!

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