November 10, 2009
Throttle Max Ranger Gold!

FINALLY, the Power Rangers get some review love on the site with this in-depth look at Throttle Max Ranger Gold! I plan on having more Power Rangers reviews in the very near future — now that I’ve reviewed one, I’m confident I can get a few more up here without being too verbose.

I also picked up a laughable figure tonight that I’ll be reviewing very soon. This thing makes Best Friend Colton look like the Best. Toy. Ever. by comparison. Seriously, it’s awful. I’ve consistently looked at this line and just laughed every time I passed it at Dollar Tree, but then I suddenly started thinking the figures might get recalled because half of them have these giant flash tumors on them — not to mention shoddy screws and metal pins holding them together — that could probably choke a child. And that paint? Totally infused with delicious lead, and poorly applied at that. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Until next time! :mrgreen:

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  • shaun says:


    what’s the name of the action figure in the photo next to the captioned one that reads, “who turned out the lights?” i think he’s part of a toy series that was based around mechanical samurai and i wanted to know the name of the toy. do you know?


    • Wes says:

      Ouch! That’s actually not a “he” at all — it’s River Song from the Doctor Who line. The dialogue is a joke based on events and lines from the episodes in which River appeared. 🙂

  • shaun says:

    i must clarify my earlier post: i was asking about the photo NEXT to the captioned photo with River Song in it…the one with the samurai-looking robot. i’m asking about the samurai-looking robot. do you know what toy line that’s from?

  • shaun says:

    thanks for the info. BTW, captain obvious has come to the monumentous conclusion that you dislike all things oprah winfrey.

  • Ragey says:

    You’ve definitely convinced me to pick up a Power Rangers figure the next time I see one – I only ever had a Mighty Morphin’ one years and years ago and never too enthused with it, but the posing and weaponry on this figure really impresses me! Pity about the female figure’s legs though; she looks good while static, but they don’t look like they work as well when it comes to dynamic posing.

    • Wes says:

      ANOTHER POTENTIAL CONVERT! w00t! And yeah, the female figures. It’s not so much that their legs don’t work as well when it comes to dynamic posing, but rather that the skirt doesn’t [i]allow[/i] for dynamic poses — I’m sure if one were to slit the skirt down the sides (or something) they’d be just as useful. If I come across Ranger Yellow on clearance, I may get an extra to try something like that.

      I recently got a 2006 Mystic Force Blue Ranger figure on eBay, and I think I prefer how Bandai did her legs — rather than use a soft plastic skirt, the edges are just sculpted onto legs. It does look more like she’s wearing short shorts than a skirt, but it doesn’t hinder the articulation at all. Hopefully I’ll review her sometime in the near future!

  • vinh! says:

    I saw some of these the other day and was tempted to pick up the set. It’s crazy how intricate these new figures are when you compare them to the ones I had in the 90s.

  • Mickelodeon says:

    God help me, I want at least one Power Ranger now. =) Absolute love for yourn Tharah! Jane! and Three photo and the accompanying caption. That was the best effin’ thing I’ve seen today. =)

  • Hero says:

    These have been sold on me!

    I’m enjoying a lot of Rangers stuff at the moment!

  • clark says:

    I’ve actually started looking at the Power Rangers toys because of you. I have not made any purchases because I just don’t seem to have any cool ones in my area. All of the figures I’ve found look really lame.
    By the way, who is the ranger second from the left in the last picture? He looks really awesome!

    • Wes says:

      Do they? There’s no such thing as a lame Power Ranger!

      Okay, the current ones look kinda lame, but mostly because they’re in a 3.75″ scale. Not a fan of that change am I.

      And the Ranger to whom you’re referring is the Guardian Ranger Black — at $10 he was one of the more expensive ones and came with a whole bunch of translucent purple armor. I like him better without it, though, so I just display him like that. (Oh, and he has no elbow hinges — usually the armored figures lack at least those — but he’s still pretty cool.)

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