December 2, 2005
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #65!

And we send you into the weekend with Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #65, another perverted little comic utilizing TMNT screencaps — this time from the new show. By the way, is it me, or is April one of the most unprofessionally dressed lab assistants in the history of lab assistants?

Lookin' sweet, Miss O'Neil!

I mean seriously. She’s got the lab coat, but what’s up with the exposed midriff? I’d always wondered how she’d gotten such an apparently good job in the new series (I mean, she’s working with the Baxter Stockman!) while being so young and apparently having very few connections, given that she’s forced to stay with Casey Jones and a bunch of mutant turtles when her home is burned, but I suppose the answer has been staring me in the face the whole time. Kinda reminds me of a poem I once wrote.

And in case you missed yesterday’s updates, don’t forget to check out The Experimental Oyster Loaf 2 and our Hot Flash tribute to Pat Morita! Regarding our winged, waxing friend, I’ve always thought that angels should have blue skin — but maybe that shows the extent to which X-Men comics have influenced my thinking over the years.

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