December 11, 2006
A barrage of strangeness for j00!

Again, I really do apologize for the lack of updates — here’s my attempt to sort of compensate. Admittedly, there’s not too much substantial content here outside of the novel segments, but, um… yeah, I tried. We’ve got A Crayon Haiku #54 (which I’ve had around for a while; dunno why I haven’t posted it yet) and a frustrating #55; we’ve got Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #90 (only ten more to go before the big 1-0-0!); and, perhaps most importantly, we’ve got THREE new segments of The Absolute Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told, as Parts Seven, Eight, and Nine (spelled out for improved clickability!) are now online. ‘Cause I told you, this thing is going to be up in full by December 25. 2006. Not 2007. There’s more holiday stuff on the way, too. 🙂

The Donatello Christmas Tradition continues!

Speaking of holiday stuff, the Donatello Christmas Tradition continues this year with FOUR (4!) Dons for the kiddies — one of whom is TMNT: Fast Forward’s new Dark Don. Okay, so he’s not technically Donatello, but he’s got his DNA and technical knowhow and stuff so I am counting him. He is definitely not mellow, though. Especially not for a turtle.

Aaand thanks to Jax for the Jagun Fighters and tapioca balls (yeah…!) pictured in the latest Hot Flash. The uncertainty with respect to their names on the content pages is because while I was able to locate a Jagun Fighter that more/less matched the appearance of the one on the left on Bandai’s Jagun Fighters page — Yamaru — I haven’t a clue who the other one is. I called him Leech because he reminds me of Hordak’s old henchman, who can be seen in the classic (or maybe just really old) SC feature entitled A Random Lunch #1. We’ve sure come a long way, eh?

That said, here’s to Scary-Crayon’s upcoming three-year anniversary in 2007! And here’s to a happy holiday season for all. :mrgreen:

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  • agustinaldo says:

    The so-called “Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told” seems to be written by someone with ADD.

    They TRY to tell a story, but then they drift and start rambling about inane thingsvaguely related to the story.

    Like, they say “The goblin sharks approached Santa” and the, instead of telling us whathappened next, they go on a long-winded rambling about goblin sharks. Then they noticed that they quoted “Jaws” on therant, so they go on ANOTHER rambling about Richard Dreyfuss career. Then they notice that Dreyfuss was in “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”, so they go on yet ANOTHER rambling about aliens. And this goes on and on until they reme,ber that they were writing a story, at which point the story follows until they feel the need for more inane ramblings.

    So, it’s not really “The Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told”, buit “The Christmas Story That Fails to Stay on Topic”.

  • Wes says:

    Harsh! But I think it’s important to note that this was never an attempt to tell a genuine or genuinely good story — it was an attempt to write 50,000 more/less connected words within the span of a month. So you’re quite right about the digressions and tangents, as I outlined that that was one of the primary methods employed during the writing of the work here. That said, I do think that the story has argued fairly effectively for its right to call itself The Strangest Christmas Story Ever Told in the earlier passages. 😛

    I also don’t think that the ramblings are all that inane, at least in the pejorative sense. They may be silly and largely senseless, but I hope that folks who actually read through this whole thing will find them to be interesting and/or amusing!

    Apparently you do not, though. 🙁

  • agustinaldo says:

    Yeah, I do not.

    It’s just that I can’t follow the plot. You use three pagesjust to say “Santa entered the vampire’s home.”

    Quality before quantity, my friend.

    And that is NOT the strangest thing you’ve ever posted. Believe me, you have done far weirder things.

    Remember when you went on and on about the virtues of a movie when a zombie baby eats her mother’s boobs?

    When you picked a weird movie about cannibalism and self-injury and you called it a deep, existencial piece of art?

    All those times you poisoned yourself with gross and unholy food combinations and you said they tasted good?

    Or how you filled an entire page about people that smell farts on public restrooms?

    All of those thing were far, far weirder than some “Santa VS Dracula” story.

  • Spoodles says:

    > Yes, but wonderfully fun, too.

    > That’s not the point of National Novel Writing Month. They actually say “quantity before quality” within their rules. Believe me when I say that my NaNoWriMo didn’t turn out nearly as well as this. This is fun to read, and in the end that’s what matters. If I wanted to read a “real” novel, so to speak, I’d break out my Dickens anthology. If I want to read a fun Internet serial, I’ll pop on over to Scary Crayon and check to see if there’s some bizarre Christmas action for me.

    P.S. Thanks for distracting me for an hour or two over finals week.

  • Spoodles says:

    Oops–I quoted lines before the first two paragraphs, but they disappeared.

    Paragraph 1: “They may be silly and largely senseless”

    Paragraph 2: “Quality before quantity, my friend.”

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