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San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay - Day 2

Hey, guys! So it’s a little late, what with today (Saturday, July 14) being the third day of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con — but don’t think we weren’t photographing cosplayers in force yesterday! (If you want, you can attribute the delay to my Friday the 13th preoccupation with avoiding Jason’s stabby stabby machete.) Whereas I commented on every pic in the Day 1 photos, I’m not going to do that today — we’ve got far too many for that! So I’ll just post a handful of pics with comments, followed by the remaining images below. Enjoy!


So we kick things off with the Shredder — because if you’ve seen the custom figure I made, you know I love me some Shredder. Even when his helmet is askew.

A female Freddy Krueger... nice.

This female Freddy Krueger is awesome for a lot of obvious reasons, but also at least one that’s not so obvious. Recall that the classic films hinted that Freddy was a child molester, and that the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street came right out and made the point explicitly. And, well, with the apparent frequency of cases in which hot adult women seduce and sleep with underaged boys, I couldn’t help but chuckle at this pic — especially with the way that kid in the background is looking at Fred.

Skeleton man!

So this one’s pretty awesome — and if I recall correctly, the guy was actually dressed as his own original character. I don’t have the flyer in an accessible place right now, but I’ll update this post with more info once I get back home.

EDIT: So I’m not back yet, but I found a cool place to do some work, so I dug the flyer out of my suitcase to update the post tonight. Although I don’t know if the character is the original character of the cosplayer or not, I do know that his name is E. Spanto — and, according to the flyer, that he is a deceiver of death and a defier of darkness and that no grave can hold him. He appears on Time Warner Digital PATV Channel 20 in San Antonio every Thursday and Saturday nights, with monthly episodes on Bloodshot Theatre via YouTube, Blogspot, and Twitter. This is all from the flyer, mind you; I haven’t actually seen any of this and won’t be able to watch until I return. Sounds cool, though! If you’d like to take a look, the YouTube site is here.

Those fursuits sure are soft...

Hey, look — it’s your old pal Wes! Here I am with a guy (or girl?) dressed as a giant furry cartoon dog. I patted the dog on the head for the photo, and the fursuit actually did feel pretty soft. This knowledge terrifies me: it means I am potentially one step closer to understanding the mystery of why people become furries.

She can be part of my world any time she wishes.

I kinda swooned here — partly because this cosplayer was gorgeous, and also because I LOVE MERMAIDS. I think this is the first mermaid Ariel cosplay I’d ever seen, too, although since taking this pic I’ve encountered one other at the con. (She appeared to be crying, though — possibly because de boss got hungry and Flounder ended up on de plate.)


So I saw this guy twice — once when I photographed him, and later when we were just walking around the con. Spotting him from a distance and in a not so crowded area, I shouted, “GROOVY!” But I was trying to mimic Earthworm Jim’s voice from the games and cartoon, and it came out sounding really creepy and warbling… which made me feel like some weird, creepy nerd stalker-catcaller. So if you’re a woman who has had to put up with that kind of harassment, don’t feel too bad! It’s entirely possible that the men hollering at you are secretly incredibly embarrassed by their actions. Heck, I almost walked up to a dude dressed up like a cartoon worm and apologized for being such a weirdo.

Photobombing the Joker gets you bombed for real.

That woman in the background was really intent on photobombing my pic of the Joker! I hope afterwards she sought some medical attention, though — she looks like she suffered a nasty ankle sprain in her enthusiasm to leap into the photo.

Who looks more mischievous?

It’s a-me again! Here, I posed with Lady Loki… and somehow managed to look like I was the one thinking about some delightfully dastardly scheme. But hey, who says I wasn’t?


These zombie cosplayers were obviously awesome — but what you can’t see that made them even more awesome is the slow advance that they (namely the woman in front) made during the shoot. While normal people — even when they’re dressed as zombies — aren’t especially scary when they move forward under normal circumstances, somehow the fact that they were supposed to be standing still for the photo made their movement incredibly unsettling. Some psychologist should do a study on that phenomenon.

And that’ll do it for the commentary portion of this entry! Check out the gallery below for more cool cosplayer photos — and stay tuned to Scary-Crayon in the coming week(s) for (much) more SDCC coverage!

— Wes —

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